Spirit Voices at Haunted Castle?

Spirit Voices at Haunted Castle?

Spirit Voices at Haunted Castle?Named “The Most Dangerous Castle In England” due to its strategic position, overlooking the River Tweed and within close proximity to Scotland, who have fought long-standing wars with their English counterparts.

The castle at Norham is partly ruined but in surprisingly good condition, and well looked after by the English Heritage. This can be assessed by the well-kept lawns and lack of litter in this stunning looking location.

I created the following videos from my 2015 visit to this location, where I quietly wandered the grounds, snapped some photographs, and shot some video while enjoying the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

However, on analysis of the audio I have found what sounds like more possible voices of spirit – or from some sort of intelligent source – and again I share them here for you.

Are these audio captures the true voices of spirit?

Spirit Voices at Haunted Castle?

Haunted Castle 2015

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