Spirit-Box Series: A ghost box and spirit box overview

Haunted Scotland looks at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits and non-physical energies. This is achieved via a modified fast scanning radio device, prompting manipulation by any alleged spiritual beings.

Scanning at super-speeds but still managing to form coherent sentences or key phrases, can this device provide afterlife communication with our loved ones or lost souls?

Many technical experts and sceptics have taken these devices apart and claimed nothing special while citing matrixing or other pattern forming processes by the brain. Can it go deeper that this though, is that much like the dissecting of life forms while looking for the seat of consciousness, it would be easy to claim just blood and bones and no intelligence possible, but what if these are just what they are, transmitting and receiving devices. Basically signals, vibrations, frequencies and energy that happen to use the materials whether electronic or bodies.

Lets look at the best of the web, with examples of people using these devices and gaining interesting results. Watch out over the coming weeks and months for the full Spirit-Box Series as we dive deep into what is out there and ultimately deserves full exposure.

If you have a video you wish to share, please contact us and we will publish the work here.

Today’s video of interest…..

Special thanks to Huff Paranormal for the upload on Youtube

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