Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In Fife | The Village Of Pittenweem | Paranormal Activity

Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In Fife

Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In FifePlace of the cave is the actual meaning of the village name which we explored recently in search of the latest reports of haunted activity.

We welcome you to Pittenweem, in the county of Fife, Scotland.

You would be excused entirely if you did not see this cave and managed to walk past it without a fleeting glance in its direction. Perhaps paying more attention to your footing as you descended the steep hill that shoots beyond the entrance to a dark spiritual cave that has been everything from a place of worship through to smugglers passage.

St Fillans Cave in Pittenweem is a small visitors attraction today, but in the past, it was a significant site in the Christian Church in Scotland.

Named after St Fillan who came to Scotland from Ireland in 717AD as a hermit along with his Irish princess-mother St. Kentigerna, his Irish prince-uncle St. Comgan, and his siblings.

He was credited with powers such as the healing of the sick, especially the mentally ill, and was also said to possess a luminous glow from his left arm which he used to study and write Sacred Scriptures in the dark.

The latter part according to my research was more likely a lantern but nonetheless was used to write in dark places such as that of St Fillans Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In FifeCave according to some accounts.

Many religious saints have been attributed with the creation and worship at this spectacular cave in Pittenweem, but it’s St Fillan who has the honour of having such a national treasure named after him.

Did he carry on his hermit ways here? We suspect so going by various accounts found in relation to this location.

The big question should be, is he still active here, preferring the confines of this fantastic subterranean structure which you can literally feel the energy within.

Well according to some locals, something is unique about the place for sure.

As I collected the key to the cave and made my way down there with some light recording equipment – my daughter and Wife with me for the trip – a local said to my daughter to watch out for the ghost there, which I found very interesting indeed.

We must not limit ourselves to the possibility of St Fillan being active here; we must also look at the possibility of Smugglers, as in times gone by the water made its way to the entrance and smugglers used this to their advantage. Possibly storing items in this area too as it certainly has some nooks and crannies!.

Perhaps some of these characters are still walking the place in the afterlife, looking for their way back to the light.

Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In FifeWe could not finish without speaking about Pittenweem and witches; there has been much said about the imprisonment and death of such at the hands of the Church.

Local historians – and researchers – such as Gregor Stewart who has a wealth of information about Witches in Scotland, have spoken about the atrocities resulting in witch trials in Scotland.

Pittenweem has a lengthy history on this front; a simple google search will show you that many fine authors have written about and researched in this area.

My question is – and perhaps Gregor Stewart will clarify at a later date – did the witches ever get kept in St Fillans Cave, and if so, are they also still active here?

I hope to get some answers to the questions I put forward, in order to understand the significance of this location in regards to paranormal activity.

So to kick us off, we have a short 360 interactive tour of the location. While you watch and ponder, I will begin the process of analysis of my audio files from this site, the construction of a video and the sharing of some photographs.

At a later date, along with my colleagues from Fife Paranormal Research association, we will go ‘In Search Of’ the answers that people seek here.

So please do check back for further updates as they reveal themselves…..

Small Tour Of St Fillans Cave In Fife | The Village Of Pittenweem | Paranormal Activity

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