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Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Haunted Glamis CastleScotland’s blessed – due to it’s extensive history – to be home to hundreds of Castles ranging from ancient ruins to stately homes and tourist attractions.

More so, we have an abundance of alleged hauntings, ghostly sightings and strange unexplainable phenomena within these national treasures.

Let’s look at six haunted Scottish castles that you can freely visit at any time…

1. Aberdour Castle | The Kingdom Of Fife

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Aberdour Castle is located in the village of Aberdour, Fife.

Parts of the castle date from approximately 1200, making Aberdour Castle one of the two oldest datable castles in Scotland.

The castle is largely the creation of the Douglas Earls of Morton, who held Aberdour from the 14th century. The Douglas earls used Aberdour Castle as a second home until around 1642, when their main residence, Dalkeith House, was sold.

Today, only the 17th-century wing remains roofed, while the tower has mostly collapsed. Aberdour Castle is now in the care of Historic Scotland, and is open to the public all year.

Paranormal Activity

Direct testimony was shared with Haunted Scotland owner Ryan O’Neill – while owner of Scottish Paranormal – from one of the Stonemason workers employed by Historic Scotland. Six Haunted Scottish Castles

While the main building was locked up, and the workers gathered at the stables below to await the custodian, they could hear the movement of furniture above in the locked part.

When the key-holder arrived, they all went to check for a possible intruder and were met with a sight to behold…

All the furniture had been moved, no one was inside, and the situation has no natural explanation…was this the spirit that roams the castle?

You can read the specifics directly at THIS LINK

2. Blackness Castle | The Lothians

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Situated on the Firth of Forth, it was built in the 15th century by the Crichtons, but annexed by James II becoming a royal residence. It played its part in history as a prison, housing some high-ranking individuals.

The castle became a formidable stronghold with thickened walls and defensive guns, the garrison held it in support of Mary Queen of Scots for six years and It was besieged by Cromwell in 1650 who left the castle in ruins. It was restored during the Napoleonic wars when it again served as a prison.

Paranormal Activity

Whilst not overly publicised there has been reports of unexplained noises and the alleged apparition of an angry knight at this Castle. Six Haunted Scottish Castles

In the late 1990’s, a lady and her two young sons were visiting, when she was startled by the sudden appearance of a knight in armour whom, she claimed, chased her angrily from the tower.

An older report by Haunted Scotland can be found HERE

3. Glamis Castle | Angus

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Situated beside the village of Glamis, childhood home to the Queen Mother, and home to the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne….It must be the stunning yet haunted Glamis Castle in Scotland.

The vicinity of Glamis Castle has prehistoric traces; for example, a noted intricately carved Pictish stone – known as the Eassie Stone – was found in a creek-bed at the nearby village of Eassie.

Like much of Angus, the area is rich in history and the lands certainly date back to the Pictish people.

Paranormal Activity

Glamis Castle is known as one of the most haunted castles in Britain, and is it any wonder with the abundance of well known historical figures who have attended this location. Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Where we find such history, and emotional connections, we find a plethora of mysterious activity.

The family chapel is alleged to be haunted by what people describe as a Grey Lady, who is said to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, who was burned at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill, in Edinburgh around 1537.

Her apparition has been seen by a number of witnesses at the chapel and at the Clock Tower.

The spirit of a woman with a missing tongue is said to haunt the grounds. She runs around the estate pointing at her supposedly mutilated face.

You can visit the Castle Official website HERE

4. Huntingtower Castle | Perthshire

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Huntingtower was once named the “Place Of Ruthven” until around the 1600’s which would be in accordance with the noble family of Ruthvens.

It’s been in great company over the years too, playing host for Mary Queen Of Scots, Lord Darnley and even Mary’s son, James VI, whom was held here against his will by the Earl of Gowrie. It certainly has its history and with every such history……we find associated paranormal allegations and observations.

Paranormal Activity

A ghostly lady seen haunting the upper floors. Many visitors have witnessed this while visiting. Apparently she died whilst trying to jump from one tower to the other to see her boyfriend. Six Haunted Scottish Castles

No one really has any idea who this phantom could be.

It’s said that her appearance warns against approaching bad luck, and can bring about improved health and fortune. Some reports say she is green others white.

5. Loch Leven Castle | Kinross

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Loch Leven Castle is relatively small, consisting mainly of an outer curtain wall, the tower house and another smaller tower called the “Glassin Tower”.

Probably originating as a small stone-built keep Loch Leven was a royal castle from 1257.

Blind Harry’s story of William Wallace suggests he may have captured it and it was certainly in Scottish hands when Robert the Bruce came to the castle in 1313 and again in 1323.

After the death of King Robert, the English attempted another invasion and at one stage Loch Leven was one of only five castles in Scotland which the invaders failed to capture.

Mary Queen of Scots was taken as a prisoner to Loch Leven in 1567. Within a month of her arrival, she miscarried twins.

Paranormal Activity

Loch Leven castle, is allegedly haunted by Mary, Queen of Scots, at the spot where she Six Haunted Scottish Castlessigned her abdication.

However, the veracity of this tale is suspect, as are many of the alleged hauntings by Mary, Queen of Scots, due to the vast quantity throughout Scotland’s locations.

Looking at the rich history of this property – and the surrounding areas – It’s little surprise that a plethora of reports with regards to mysterious apparitions and ghostly energies are frequently shared.

6. Tantallon Castle | The Lothians

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Tantallon Castle is a semi-ruined mid-14th-century fortress, situated east of North Berwick, East Lothian. It sits upon a promontory, opposite the Bass Rock, looking out onto the Firth of Forth.

Tantallon was constructed in the 14th century by William Douglas, the 1st Earl of Douglas. It was then passed to his illegitimate son, George Douglas – whom later become the Earl of Angus – and despite several sieges, it remained the property of the family for much of its history.

Paranormal Activity

In March 2009, psychology professor Richard Wiseman released a photograph taken at Tantallon Castle, it appeared to show the top half of a man standing behind railings in a wall opening, Six Haunted Scottish Castleswhich would have once been a door into a long gone room.

The image, taken in May 2008 and sent to Wiseman as part of a research project, was described in The Times as showing a “courtly figure dressed in a ruff”. Wiseman stated that no costumed guides were present at Tantallon, and that three photographic experts have confirmed that the image had not been manipulated.

One notable situation that has arisen from this location, while visiting, was the atmosphere within the pit-prison. Not only had it caused my wife to be ill and to leave the area, but it also caused the same type of feelings within myself at a separate time.

In conjunction with the audio capture of a boy apparently singing, and reports of some locals who have also witnessed ghostly going-ons at this fantastic location, we have all the conditions for what may be a very active mysterious castle in Scotland.

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