Shared Near-Death Experience – Pet Spirit Guides.

Pet Spirit Guides

Pet Spirit GuidesJan & John Price share their incredible shared Near-Death experience. Rather than being greeted by deceased relatives on the other side Jan is guided by her dog Maggie, her very own Pet Spirit Guides.

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On December 30, 1993, at 1:35 pm, Jan Price had a nearly fatal heart attack in which she experienced a wonderful NDE. At 1:39 pm she returned to life.

Jan was destined not to linger in paradise but to return to the physical world and to the body she had left behind. Her NDE testimony, and the many precious lessons it taught her, reveals what is most important: that death need never be feared by anyone.

Jan also reflects on why NDEs happen and why they’re becoming so common. Her remarkable testimony teaches us about guilt and punishment, forgiveness and transformation, life and love, Earth and eternity -- all of them, joyfully and unforgettably.

Jan’s husband, bestselling author John Randolph Price, also contributes to her testimony, sharing his feelings and experiences during this tremendous crisis.

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If you’ve had an experience that you would like to share with us here at Haunted Scotland, whether that be one of a ghostly nature or NDE much like the inclusion above, then please do feel free to contact us and we will attempt to place it on the website when we update. We value experiences from normal members of the public as extremely high and perfectly credible. We do not pre-judge nor do we attempt to explain away anything. We feel the real breakthroughs in this field will come from true raw experiences such as the ones you may have had. Use the contact form of the site to get in touch!

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