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Scottish Paranormal TVWant to see the latest HAUNTED Scottish locations rather than relying on old stories and outdated information?

Perhaps you would like to watch real LIVE investigations, nature of reality talks, how to workshops for paranormal researchers or the very latest ITC Research Projects.

We will have it all right here on Scottish Paranormal TV, the home of Scotlands paranormal content.

  1. Haunted Scottish Places – SPTV Stream (Opens In New Window)
  2. ITC Research – SPTV Stream (Opens In New Window)

Programs Topics Coming Soon:

    • Haunted Scottish Location Tours
    • Real Location Investigations
    • LIVE Streams – Fully Interactive!
    • ITC Research – Afterlife, Cold Cases, Past Life Information & Investigation
    • How To Topics – Ghost Box Hacking, How To Analyse, Methodologies On-Site & More
    • Live From Public Events – Win Free Tickets
    • Full Feature Documentaries – In Search Of Series, Cold Cases & More
    • Haunted Items Watch – Latest Information & Streams
    • Haunted Locations With Sensitives – Join Us On Site With Guests With Gifts
    • Philosophical Discussions With Greg, Ryan & Ally

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We appreciate all your support and feedback with regards to our research and presentations. We’re just getting started, come with us on this journey of growth and discovery!

Would you like to get your paranormal research team involved? We would like to show your teams work right here, get in touch with us. 

Scottish Paranormal TV

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