Reincarnation, past life on proof positive.

Memories of a past life.
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  1. jeanette kopanski

    I don’t no if it’s true or not that u dream of ur past lives in my dream I’m in a long Henry the 8 th dress I come dwn a large spiral staircase I walk out the door there is a path adjoining the wall I can go out but I can only walk on the path I have had this dream many tyms it started with me at the top of the stairs then over the yrs it grows to the point where I go outside can u help me x

  2. I see no reason why we can not dream of a past-life Jeanette. I mean, we do really understand dreams fully and we have many accounts of precognition and similar phenomena transpiring from the dream state. I think you are doing perfectly by remembering the dream and would personally urge you keep a bed journal, this way as soon as you awake, take notes before it fades. Then, over time, you can look at the full message or experience and begin piecing together what you are being shown. It very well may be a past life, try and find details out within the dream and then begin researching for those details.

    Another idea would be to go to a trusted person who can conduct regressions, that may be an avenue for you to explore fully. Most of all relax into it and have fun exploring, stay open minded to it all and do not allow others to discount your experiences, they are treasured to you and no one else can understand that, or any of this from your viewpoint. Thank you for sharing and I hope I have helped in some way. Keep me informed too please 🙂

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