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Inveraray Jail – Real Spirit Communication

Real Spirit Communication Inveraray Jail Welcome to Real Spirit Communication Inveraray Jail Section.

Inveraray Jail was opened in 1820 and is the former county courthouse and prison for Argyll. Over 6000 men, women and children were sentenced in the courtroom and served their sentences in the prisons.

The court-room, on the first floor, has a semi-circle of large windows giving a magnificent view overlooking the prison yard and, beyond, across Loch Fyne.

ITC Research Results & Video Presentation From July 2019

Ghost Box App For Android at HAUNTED Prison

Additional Files That Did Not Make The Video

The analysis is still underway with over 2 hours of additional audio to listen to from various areas of the Jail & Courthouse. Audio files when properly analaysed can take up to an hour per 5 mins so please bear with us as we carefully work through and add more to the above playlist or additional videos.

Tools We Used!

We used The Coultous ITC IP App, The Scottish Paranormal Spirit Box App & Franks Real Spirit Communication Inveraray JailBox. Intelligent replies – most heard live by teams of guests – coherence and lots of names to research from the results here.

Want to do your own ITC Sessions? We do have an ITC Software app for Android that you can use – SP SPIRIT BOX APP – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appybuilder.jonathangaraway.Scottish

Jonathan Garaway is working on iOS so do not worry Apple users 😉

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