Ravenscraig Castle

Region: The Kingdom Of Fife
Ravenscraig, Kirkcaldy

Details: Ravenscraig Castle is a ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy, dating from around 1460. The castle is an early example of artillery defence in Scotland. Now managed by Historic Scotland, and protected by Scheduled Ancient Monument this has been recognised as a category A listed building.

Paranormal: The mysterious white lady, an apparition that is said to walk this castle on occasion, with multiple sightings at the long gone hospital behind this area. Now known as ‘The Kyles’, a new housing complex.

A few kids playing in the aforementioned hospital – while derelict – had a frightening experience, witnessing the apparition [of a lady] float passed a ward corridor. He did not hang around, and departed rather fast leaving his friends behind.

Is this lady attached to the castle? Or is she attached to the hospital, and seen only visiting the castle!

This Castle has now been subject to numerous visits by Haunted Scotland, collecting images, video and conducting non-intrusive audio recordings.

You can listen to these audio recordings in this inclusion.

Ravenscraig Castle is a fantastic location with stunning scenery and a must visit for all.

Please do enjoy the collected material…..

Updated on 22nd January 2014 – Includes Echovox Session!!

2 thoughts on “Ravenscraig Castle”

  1. Sounds as if there’s a few spirits there. Some didn’t want you there at all, whilst one looked for help. I wonder in which ways would it be possible to help and what she needed?
    The one that said you bad man sounds American, which is weird. Wonder if there’s any stories behind this?
    Sounds like the one you can’t figure out says Calling One. Sorry this doesn’t help as it would make no sense at all.
    I’ve been up here a few times and didn’t notice anything at all.
    Enjoying these local ones though. Are there any more plans in the Kirkcaldy/Levenmouth area soon?

  2. Hi Paul, yes, I will most likely do some more in the future in the area! Always on the lookout for more good locations to wander, and collect material from. Good points on the captures too! Active energies in an area can be stuck, either can not move from the location due to a connection, or refuse to acknowledge passing. This is usually what is being picked up, with good spiritualists able to communicate and urge the transitions to complete.

    I can not do this part, I can only collect the material and get assistance if needed! 🙂

    Massive thanks,


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