Rait Castle

Region : Nairnshire
Location : Nairn
Details : Probably built around 1240 when the Thanedom of Rait was held by Clan MacIntosh. It has changed hands several times: de Raits, Campbells, Comyns, MacIntoshes, and Campbells again. The last record of the castle was in 1590, when the 12th Thane of Cawdor held the property. It is believed to have been abandoned soon after.
There seem to be only two floors, ground and first. The ground floor was used for storage and possibly some living quarters. The first floor had the hall and a solar. The round tower was probably used as a private chamber. An ancient record atsts that Rait is an oblong hall over an unvaulted undercroft. A round tower rising from a spreading base projects from one corner. The elevated entrance led into a screens passage separated from the hall by a timber screen, now vanished…Off this a small lancet window permitted the porter to observe the approach. The doorway is arched in receding orders of broad splays beneath a label mould. A portcullis and draw-bar secured it

Paranormal Phenomena : The castle is haunted by the figure of a girl with no hands, wearing a bloodsoaked gown. In folklore The Comyns invited the MacIntoshes to a feast with murder in their hearts. The MacIntoshes arrived heavily armed and prepared for treachery. The Comyn laird believed his daughter had betrayed him and as she hung from a window ledge, he cut her hands off causing her to fall to her death.

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