Public Audio Session: The Pearce Institute

The Pearce at GovanThere have been many reports of past paranormal activity at The Pearce Institute in Glasgow. The apparition of a ghostly woman has been witnessed walking across the foyer for example. Lights have been reported in and around the location, as well as a tap that switches on by itself. The presence of a man has been reported in the main hall on a number of occasions. On one occasion, the caretaker reported hearing organ music coming from the hall, but the organ was in a decommissioned state and couldn’t be played!

This was the first sessions in the Billiards Room, with three separate groups of 11. Ryan O’Neill led the sessions, asking a series of questions to attempt communication. The public were free to join in and take part fully.

These are the highlights!

Public Echovox: Pearce Institute in Glasgow 4/4/15

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