Psychic Challenge – Car Boot Challenge

Psychics are challenged to find out if they really do have a sixth sense in the following video. We have one guy who has decided to pick a car from 50 in the area, then hide in the boot. Then each person claiming to be gifted is brought into the area and has the challenge of picking which one he is in.

As you will see, some did not manage to do this successfully, more of interest to me, was the ones who did and the way they managed this. As a researcher and student of all things mysterious, I find this intriguing and feel this just further emphasises my hypothesis that some people are gifted, due to the developing work they have conducted on themselves. Everyone has this, only very few display and work with it.

The caveat here is how a small minority of people or pseudo-sceptical participants have acted towards it. Just because you do not understand it, does not make it any more unreal. To proclaim its BS or similar words shows a high level of ignorance towards the research and further study of this area.

“Condemnation without Investigation is the highest form of Ignorance” Albert Einstein

Special Thanks To GhostWatching on Youtube for the upload

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