Poltergeist House Rotherham | In Search Of The Poltergeist

Poltergeist House Rotherham | In Search Of The Poltergeist

Poltergeist House RotherhamWe travel 280 Miles south, deep into the heart of England, to investigate a house no stranger to activity and haunted items.

The Poltergeist House Rotherham was our target destination.

After checking in, quick meal and arrangement of the equipment, we head up to the Poltergeist House & Museum and meet owners Lee & Linzi Steer of Ghosts Of Britain.

The Activity at The Poltergeist House Rotherham

The house is said to be haunted by a poltergeist with the witness – the previous Poltergeist House Rotherhamlandlady – reporting that things would get thrown around the room, objects would move, and radios would turn on.

It was once a house to local miners, where there’s a death documented as a male occupant who burned to death.

The Poltergeist House Rotherham later then become a commercial shop “bridal and fancy dress shop”.

Owner Jane reported the spooky goings-on, which is documented in the local newspapers and specifically the “Rotherham record.”

Lee & Linzi Steer thought this would be a perfect house to place their famous haunted items such as the “Bridal doll – Sinister – Crying Boy – Jinn, scarlet, Dybukk box, and much many more.”

Would these also impact our results?

Poltergeist House Rotherham | In Search Of The Poltergeist

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