Perth Paranormal Festival: The Castle, Part One

On Friday 24th of October, as part of the mystery tour in Perth, we joined up with Lynne & Gary Knight, Barry Fitzgerald, Donna Costello and Bryan Boyle.

The purpose was to lightly search within 4 locations for any possible signs of paranormal activity.

As part of these sessions, we looked into this rather famous castle in Perthshire, as we utilized the skills of Bryan Boyle, the technology of audio capture via the Echovox System, and our own human senses which I feel gives us the best clues when dealing with this subject.

Here we have the first of many video presentations from the festival – this is part one from this location – which starts with some story telling from Gary Knight, some initial captures on audio, and a general view of this location.

In the next part, we will listen to Bryan Boyle and his spiritual impressions, and hopefully, some more Echovox audio as we continue to work through the material.

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