The Pearce Institute: Near The Govan Stones

Near The Govan Stones

Near The Govan StonesAs we continue to focus on The Pearce Institute, let’s look at some wider possibilities for the activity in this general area of Govan.

Exactly what is the cause of the perceived paranormal activity, why is the location so popular, and could there be some environmental possibilities for such mysteries.

Purely hypothetical, but certainly as valid as any suggestions on all sides of the debate. So how about we question the ground it stands on, the nearby Govan stones, and the history of this particular part of Govan.

Do You Know About The Govan Stones

Govan Old Church – which has been the spot for many historical places of worship going back to the 6th century – is the home of the unique collection of early medieval stones carved in the 9th – 11th centuries to commemorate the power of those who ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde.

31 monuments dating from this period – which includes stunning carved crosses and cross shafts – along with 5 magnificent hogback stones are here. How about the Govan Sarcophagus, the only one of its kind carved from solid stone from pre-Norman, northern Britain.

We Are All Energy

The Govan Stones & ParanormalAt our very root to the source of our actual being, we are all made of energy. What’s more, we are strongly affected by earth & universal energies, and to dive even deeper into this area we can even hypothesis that spirit – within this vibrational plane – use such to manifest and thus come into alignment with us.

It’s been a long-held fact that the earth produces such energies too, and certainly we can look at where our ancient ancestors built their places of worship, burial grounds, and other points of interest to tap into these energies.

My colleague – and future project partner – Lynne Knight of History & Horror Tours in Scotland, pointed out some key facts to me with regards to the research she has already completed on the area.

We suggest that this was most likely a Pagan site, and thus may in fact date back further than records show. Lynne also hypothesised about the ground the Pearce Institute sits upon, and the fact we see tunnels underneath it, cutting into the very ground!

Earth Energies Plus Govan Stones Equal…

An abundance of raw energy! Yes, the amount housed within the stones – which were Govan Stones in Parishmost likely worshipped and used in religious and spiritual practice – will hold such. The ground will be just as alive with it too, and guess what sits on the same area and within a stones throw – The Pearce Institute.

Whether you are a believer in ley-lines or not, there is an abundance of evidence that our ancestors did, and as such they conducted rituals, built stone circles, places of worship, and even their own stately homes, castles, and other important structures of the times.

The energy we put out through the intentions of ritual, ceremony, and overall focus does have a direct impact on the environment of the location. We can feel the ‘vibes’ of such areas, we say as much, as this is purely the vibrations of left over energy which will be like a beckon to spirit, which may or may not be earthbound.

Paranormal Activity Feeding From Energy

The Pearce Institute BehindYes, it is entirely hypothetical and a stretch at points, but I do feel very much that our surrounding environment – and local artefacts – can play a massive part in assisting the manifestation of spiritual activity. After-all, It’s energy using energy to manifest in an energetic environment!

Might we be seeing such happen at this very interesting location? Could the tunnels underneath – which cut through the grounds we speak about in an energetic perspective above – be reported as feeling heavy and negative due to these subtle yet powerful energies, the vibes swirling and possible spiritual activity taking place..

How about ritual – yes it did and does happen – conducted on the ancient grounds, and still it seemingly holding the energies of ceremony, earth energies, and magnified by the stored Govan Stones. There is a very strong possibility for this!

We are starting to get a deeper insight into this area of Govan, and we can see that many factors might be at play here.

We shall update these suggestions after we conduct a further investigation into the The Pearce Institute later this month. Please do check back for all the material we display, and if you have anything to add, please do so below.

The Haunted Pearce Institute | Scotland

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