The Pearce Institute Investigation: May 2015

The Pearce Institute Investigation

Live Echovox SessionThe stunning building – which sits within Govan – was commissioned by Lady Dinah Pearce in memory of her late husband Sir William Pearce MP of the Fairfield Shipyard, who died in 1888. The building was designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson in the style of a large 17th century Scottish town house and constructed between 1902 and 1906.

The Pearce Institute was intended as a local social centre for the surrounding community and offered ‘Govanites’ a men’s & women’s reading room and clubs, a library, a gymnasium, cooking and laundry departments, and a retiring room. In addition to this, the organ, stage and gallery in the McLeod Hall made it a popular venue for dance and social gatherings alike.

On the wall at the entrance to the building is the greeting:

“This is a House of Friendship. This is a House of Service. For Families, For Lonely Folk. For the People of Govan. For the Strangers of the World. Welcome.”

Haunted Scotland – in conjunction with Lynne & Gary Knight – has found that the friendly welcome is not only open to those in the physical, well, not going by the vast experience of walking this location with the public on our highly successful overnight investigations.

It seems we are not alone in this conclusion either, looking at our paranormal files which are bursting with information and witness testimony.

Highlight videos are now created with in-depth analysis of 50% of each session, but please be aware, due to the vast amount of data we collect here, we can not promise all remaining material will be analysed in the aftermath of the location visit. Time permitting, we will return to older files and update with new material, so please continue to check back regularly. You can, however, access all raw files at your leisure.

The Pearce Institute Investigation Highlights

  • Light & Mirror was producing clear signs of manipulation by unseen force.
  • Electro-Magnetic fluctuation were rife in the test area beside focal audio point.
  • Clear knocks & thuds to rear of room, from walls, and from areas out-with the room.
  • Notable cold spots in and around people, swirling at times and not consistent.
  • Possible clear responses via audio – will need further analysis.
  • Subjective feelings of unseen energies in and around people – Various.

This was one of the more active nights with regards to unexplainable unseen manipulation

I feel that we directly experienced the paranormal during this Investigation into the Pearce Institute in Govan.

of equipment, and subjective feelings reported by people. The light as a prime example would fluctuate on demand at set points, the batteries were changed in the last session, and although initially it stopped, it then proceeded to go back to form on demand.

This I would suggest was clear evidence of unexplainable phenomena witnessed by up to 30 people throughout the night.

Please Enjoy The Video…..

The Pearce Institute - May 2015

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