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If there is one thing – I’ve learned – during my time dealing with paranormal activity, it is that experiences had by the general public – or researchers –  might not be captured by the recording equipment.

Actually, to go a step further, we could even be actively Investigating, and not experience anything at all.

Does this mean the place is not haunted or the witnesses have suffered some type of mass hallucination?

Of course not, and anyone who suggests that a full conclusion can be achieved – by a short one-off Investigation – is deluding themselves, their team or worse still, a full disservice to the public.

Do you know, some cynics will not even do the said investigation? They will conclude on their own beliefs, and then tell you, that you are delusional. Crazy Huh?

Albert Einstein said: “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance”

Don’t Be Closed-Minded

This quote from Einstein, certainly is very valid while casting an eye over parts of this research field, or I should say the fringes of it. There are too many armchair cynics, whom are very fast to condemn anything put in front of them.

This takes place without a visit to the location, a look at the witness testimonies, and done is such a way as to look down the nose at Investigators, researchers and hobbyists.

At least the aforementioned paranormal enthusiasts are getting off their butt, to check out these paranormal claims while trying to assist the public.

The copycat set-up – as much a phenomena as the paranormal activity – is a problem too. We are losing many very able Investigators, who feel pressured to go down the debunking route, to keep up their networking.

I personally feel, each person who is involved in this study should stamp their own personality, techniques and ideas on this research, as the uniqueness of such will push everyone forward.

There is a massive difference between being open-minded yet sceptical, and being a plain old cynical, and many are falling down the cynical trap, which plays into the hands of a few who have absolutely no interest in active research.

Some are only interested in proving their own belief systems as correct, or academic education as not being a waste of time, as their learned material allows no such non-physical topics within in.

It causes conflict with their learning you see!

I mean, an educated university participant who has been taught to read textbooks, memorise the information and follow the status-quo, will find it highly difficult to do anything but parrot the official line, where they have received their years of education from.

Respect Paranormal Witnesses

As someone who has experienced real paranormal activity – with no logical or rational explanation – I can really feel for the public.

We may go out and get nothing [on location research] from the short session, and this upsets the witnesses, as they feel we do no believe them.

Any researcher worth their salt will explain, that just because we got nothing, this does not mean the place is not active, and that we do not believe the witness.

The witness comes first, and our job is to reassure them – not judge them – and any inconsistency in their witness testimonial, should highlight, any possible time wasters [it happens] or people who are missing some clear logical explanation.

In other words, if you are at their location, you have passed them as reliable so NOW follow through with respect.

This is not an On-Demand hobby

Paranormal activity does not manifest on demand, and just because you turn up with your tools, it does not mean that you will get the said activity to happen. When you do not get anything, this does not conclude that the location is not active.

Multiple sessions, time and dedication is needed to follow through with the case, the investigation does not stop with the location visit, where we then go on to the next fresh location without completion.

Get it in the files, and keep in contact with the witness to offer support and follow up’s. It is not about how many locations can be listed on some type of CV! Complete the work fully, with respect, and forget about the shiny badge on the website.

As for the cynical armchair people, they have absolutely no say in what is real, fake or logical. You CAN NOT conclude a case from looking at minimum information from a rigid mindset.

Without full involvement, its impossible to come to any conclusion, and as Einstein says, its ignorance.

By all means, give opinions, but to push conclusions down people’s throats – and then ridicule for not following their way – is just ludicrous.

Be Unique – Please?

All researchers, Investigators and hobbyists should keep following their own uniqueness, and stamp it on the way they work. Forget about being a copy, and stand out for the way you wish to approach the subject.

Do not make the mistake I made in the past, by trying to please other people, push ahead with you heart, and use your gut feeling for how you wish to operate.

Wishing you all the very best,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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