Paranormal Labelled Boxes

It’s become pretty clear to me, even as I sit reading information with no relation to the paranormal, or the mysteries. Yet, still people are disputing each others viewpoints and using such…..what am I speaking about…..BOXES!

People love to place others in boxes, and label them with blanket terms to attempt ridicule or dish out their own little game of ad hominem attack. This, of course, is to attack the person because they can not find a problem with said persons hypothesis or truths.

Lets be completely honest at this point, this is by no means solely a paranormal community behaviour, it’s very much noticeable in all areas of life. Where people disagree, some, not all, will begin dropping people into boxes so they can then dismantle their experiences, beliefs and even personal studies or ideas.

In the paranormal communities it’s usually one of two boxes that people get confined too. You are either a believer or a sceptic, and then the game begins, as each have pot shots at each other.

What if, there are no boxes and people can very easily subscribe to what they wish from all areas available. What if, from the self-appointed box some sit in, they are wrong and the world can be viewed better, when there is no box around them?

I know I personally annoy some people from within the field, this is due to my bluntness in articles, my stubborn attitude to test devices they deem as bunkum, and my drive to keep pushing forward with change, rather than staying stagnated with outdated ideas or methodologies.

The problem they have, is I have no box, some are trying to label me within some, but I do not fit. Some of my personal hypothesises contradict both paranormal labels [mentioned above], all them or none of them…so you see the problem some have in trying to pin me down and take pot-shots.

Do not let that fool you though, they would rather just un-friend me, un-subscribe from me or ignore me now, as I rattle their belief systems or cause them to go against their group think, that they have adopted with others.

Should you or I change our minds to suit them though? Of-course not, we always stay true to ourselves and push with our independent thought and forward drive.

I have noticed a culture, while surfing groups on Facebook, where people do not like certain TV personalities, in this subject, so they attack them and the methods or ideas they have. One particular instance saw a known person, from within the community, lambaste a member of public because they suggested a hypothesis from one such TV personality.

They continued the rant to not only label the person (TV) and place him in a box, but also suggest the group was not for the public member, and that what they [group members] were doing was real research and others were not. How utterly egotistical and wrong!

I have highlighted this behaviour a lot and will not go over it again, people know my thoughts and many agree with them, going by the feedback I have received publicly and personally.

Go within your own mind just now, recall the times where you have been placed in a box:

  • Ah, you are a sceptic so you believe nothing.
  • Ah, you are a believer so believe anything.
  • Your spiritual so all airy fairy.
  • Your scientific so rigid and cold.
  • You’re a conspiracy theorist because you question authority.
  • You’re delusional because you are testing equipment we do not believe in.

I could have continued with the list ad infinitum, but I think you get the point. We get separated into boxes and then told who and what we are, and I would like to suggest, we not only stop this, we point it out and completely refuse to accept it.

We are flexible minded people, who have the god given right to change our position and beliefs as we experience in life. What was truth yesterday may be a falsehood today thorough raw experience and life in general.

The next time someone tries to shut you in a box, so they can have a pop, tell them no and that just because they have enclosed themselves in rigid systems, does not mean you shall succumb to a similar fate.

Lets remove those paranormal labelled boxes, actually, lets remove them all and live life to the fullest.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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