Paranormal Activity | Top 6 Echovox Sessions 2015

Paranormal Activity 6 Echovox Sessions

Paranormal activityTop 6 Echovox Sessions in 2015 from Scotland, is this real paranormal activity?

We take a look back at 6 locations that are famous for paranormal activity, as we undertake audio sessions to induce spirit communication.

We visit the borders twice, Stirling, Shotts, West Lothian and Angus…..

Before we access the video,

Electric-Voice Phenomena or EVP, is the known phenomena whereas voices are captured on electronic device with no natural source for such.

It has long been suggested that such audible captures – which may be single words or phrases – are the result of non-physical communication, or in other words, Spirits of the departed leaving a message.

The Echovox system is an advanced technology where we step further along this path of communication.

It’s a real-time system – unlike digital Dictaphone sessions – where we have the ability to hear the feedback live or under slight delay. This is enhanced with the additional ability to record all sessions for later analysis. Which I must add is highly recommended or you will lose interesting data!

Paranormal Activity | Top 6 Echovox Sessions 2015

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