Paranormal Activity | Mary Kings Close

Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close

Paranormal Activity Mary Kings CloseReal Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close style.

Deep within Mary Kings Close nearly 10 years ago, we experienced Paranormal Activity first hand in the form of spirit voices heard aloud, and recorded on Camcorder & Dictaphone.

This is real phenomena which is rare to capture on device.

The following clip has been re-analysed, updated with the latest results and clearly displaying Paranormal Activity from within Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh…..Underground & After-hours.

The exciting thing about this clip – and capture – is that it was heard aloud by all paranormal activity mary kings close investigators present [6], while also captured on camcorder & dictaphone.

The location was shut down for the night – capture time around Midnight – with no members of the public nor staff present in the area.

The location was silent out-with a few knocks and bumps as usual per visits. We exhausted every avenue to find the source, and in addition did not hear the second capture of male voice saying “Me”

Paranormal Activity Ghost Calling | Mary Kings Close | Edinburgh

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Narration | All narration is conducted by Ryan O’Neill, unless otherwise stated.

Music | Daniel Curtis | Labyrinth of lost dreams | https://soundcloud.com/desperate-measurez/journeys-reflection-royalty-free-dramatic-music?in=desperate-measurez/sets/rpg-royalty-free-music

Information Sources | http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/is-mary-kings-close-haunted/

Website | http://www.Haunted-Scotland.co.uk
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/HauntedScotlandInvestigates/

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