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Paranormal Activity Dysart

Paranormal Activity DysartThe build up of negative energy seemed enough to trigger an almighty case of paranormal activity.

Looking back, the house was already subject to unusual occurrences, not for the first time would I come home – I lived alone – to find the TV on when I knew it was turned off before going to work.

There’s a sense of not being alone in the small one bedroom bottom flat, in Normand Road, Dysart.

Small instances are brushed off as being forgetful, perhaps imagination or such other key excuses to try to cover-up the unusual paranormal activity Dysart was providing.

The breaking point was after a negative event in life, one that had me running for a bottle of alcohol to dull the senses and cope with disappointment and hurt.

The venting to friends that evening – allowing the energy to build up in the house – threw it all into rather peculiar territory, as within the 12 hours to follow my viewpoint on reality was to shift.

Shift In World View | Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity DysartOn awakening, the first noticeable event was a bedside lamp – left on – which was now off!

Ah, blown bulb I thought until I went to click the lamp switch as you do and on it came.

This was highly confusing, I hadn’t turned it off you see.

Oh well was the thought, let’s stick that in my continued excuses of forgetful memory.

This was until I entered the living room! What had happened!

The TV had apparently moved to a side on position, ornaments were all on top of it and Paranormal Activity Dysartvarious items were clearly moved all over the living room and adjoining kitchen.

The cat litter – I had a kitten at the time –  was now sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor under a stool – which incidentally had moved – and as I looked around I was in complete shock and disbelief.

I’ve been broken into! That was the prevailing thought now.

I checked all windows and doors...ALL locked!!

I sat quietly trying to understand what had happened, not thinking of paranormal activity at this particular time as this was in times before any such interest… Until…

Paranormal Activity DysartMy cat – which had been running around – stopped and began to look over my shoulder and then proceeded to hiss while arching her back!

Then I knew, as the hairs on my neck stood up and the cold shivers brushed over my body, I was in the middle of real paranormal activity.

Remember, this was while only 18 years old and nowhere near the knowledge base or extensive experience I have now within the paranormal topic.

I stood up and walked out the door to gather my thoughts and calm down my fear, everything seemed so surreal at this point.

I did return within 15 minutes, the clean up began and I was clearly on edge at this point.

Help Was Required!

I stayed in the house for a further month or two before finally leaving.

Light bulbs would blow, items would be moved and I always felt watched.

I got in contact with a good Edinburgh Medium back then – her name escapes me now – and she attended the house with two friends to help out.

Working on only fuel money – thankfully as I was rather poor at the time – she began to Paranormal Activity Dysartgive us information on the active spirit (consciousness) which was resident in my newly rented house.

He was an ex-miner who used to live in these old houses and he did not even know he was in spirit.

The TV, electrics and likewise was a result of trying to gain attention.

They helped him pass over that evening, but by this time the surreal reality of it all had already seeped into me and I was very uncomfortable now.

What caused it – from my perspective – could be a mixture of a sentient spirit unaware of their passing and related to the negative energy from me the previous night.

As the mass of activity happened after my real negative previous night, this raw energy must had impacted. My grief and hurt had an effect!

The lesson to learn here is to control the emotions, let go of negativity and stay in a positive frame of mind if possible.

Non-Physical energies feed from us, that I’m certain of through personal experience.

Especially since my experience in Normand Road, Dysart

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