Overtoun Bridge – Why Are Dogs Jumping

At Overtoun Bridge, Milton, West Dunbartonshire we have a very peculiar case of dogs allegedly jumping from a set point upon the bridge. We were there to ask the question: Why are they doing this?.

There are a varying degree of suggestions from a host of experts in their chosen field, these must be respected fully and placed in front of us as possibilities. Some favour a natural explanation, while others take the route towards possible unexplained phenomena.

I come from the latter, and my job is to look at possible alternative explanations, while looking at the facts and reports of the case. I am looking beyond the normal and more to the paranormal, which currently sits slightly outside the grasp of our scientific knowledge base, although, so saying, Quantum Physics seems to be bridging this gap.

Looking at this particular case, I could see immediately that we had a plethora of reports and resources with regards to possible paranormal activity, in the form of non-physical apparitions, by members of the public. We have also had very respectful organisations, in particular the Scottish Society for Psychical Research investigate the place from the angle of paranormal phenomena.

It is said that animals are very much in-tune with the paranormal, their senses are heightened and I have had many cases where dogs in particular have chased or jumped at, what was termed as a possible manifestation of an apparition.

As the figure began manifesting the dog was observed to chase the said shape at great lengths. My immediate thought at Overtoun was: could it be possible that the dogs are jumping at a similar phenomenon?

Working in such an area as paranormal research and observations, it is rather difficult to make firm conclusions due to the nature of the work. We truly are dealing with what is invisible to our senses most of the time. We can only go with what we feel are subtle clues in the environment, energy fields registering on the equipment, and the further testing of methods such as Echovox or Digital Voice Recording.

As witnessed at our time at the location, there were unexplainable magnetic field fluctuations at the spot that the dogs allegedly jumped. These fluctuated over a ten minute period and we could find no logical explanation as to why this happened, nor could we recreate this through any of the tools we had on the bridge.

So we were left with the question: What caused these spikes, and what manipulated the field to make it register on our devices?

After a walk around to familiarise ourselves to the place we attempted some out-the-box testing via Echovox, which records questions and produces, at times, coherent replies in the form of sentences and words. This is a relatively new area of research, and one only having emerged for 16 months thus far.

The results of these sessions were startling, with references to dogs, a firm name ‘Edna’ in a Glaswegian accent and the repeating name of Edward coming through the audio recordings. The name Edward is of special relevance as it features in a report by the SSPR by Mr Archie Lawrie. We must ask, could these replies be the manipulation of sound waves by a non-physical force, relaying information back to us?

Rather than concentrate on just single words it is of the greatest importance to look for coherence in the results and relevance to the location. The clear undeniable audio captures that many can make out with ease are the best evidence, although it must be said that these are not always captured.

At this location the replies were clear, however as clear as the replies were, it still provides only circumstantial evidence that something strange is occurring at the location and surroundings, still we have no firm explanation.

I could easily surmise that the dogs are jumping at some sort of energy field that they find startling and otherworldly, but I have no hard data to back this up.

I have witness reports, investigation reports, observed fluctuations in magnetic fields and some audio responses of interest, but still no clear answers to offer

I feel the need to say this case is still open to research and observation until more information or material can become available. It is never wrong to feel the need to clarify a case as unexplained if you can find no firm explanation from the various experts and their well worded ideas and assumptions. We can only add it all together in a file, store it away for later use, and wait for more information to present itself.

What we know is that dogs have jumped from this bridge; that is without dispute, but what we do not know is why. Could it be to chase wildlife, as has been proposed elsewhere, or perhaps a more paranormal related explanation such as jumping at an unknown manifestation as I would favour. These given theories are open for debate, and I feel we may have in fact just created more questions than answers.

As a personal paradigm, when at the bridge I felt that something strange was certainly happening, and when I look at the reports, the data and the audio work, I can not help feel that we have some classic signs of paranormal activity occurring. Whether this is resulting in dogs jumping from this bridge is unknown, but certainly in my opinion – and experience – it remains plausible.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan: Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

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