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Maybe controversial if I am being completely honest as it tends to not fit the in-place paradigm and will have a few squirming as they read. Where am I going with this you ask, whats the topic of conversation and what controversial angle am I hitting today.

I am speaking about out-of-the-box thinking, research, observation and mystery solving from a new angle. My modus operandi while approaching my projects here far surpass the stale stagnant movement of science when they approach the paranormal topic. Please do not get me wrong, I love science and what it has done in certain quarters but lets not beat around the bush here.

As much as its claimed, most scientist have not an inch of open-mindedness when they are confronted with the paranormal topic. Actually, some make fun of those who decide to explore and research it which I find absolutely amusing considering science should be doing more of this….then again who is going to fund them! They are taught from text books written by other men (maybe women too) and told to research only in certain fields or ridicule and withdrawal of funding will be rubber stamped. Why is this….could further exploration into the whole world of life after death, change the perceptions of the obedient workforce? Are pieces of information hidden from the masses as the army of cynics make the rounds to lord over researchers and members of public who tell their true tales? Thus they proclaim everyone is irrational, deluded or likewise because their paymasters have not released evidence from a field they do not study…laughable!!

So why should I follow the failed model and lack of desire and purpose to explore deeply the mysteries of the world. Why should I mimic scientists who are not funded to look at this area and if they do look, are ridiculed by their self-policing colleagues. Lets all laugh at the person who has the balls to put his career on the line, who understands that the myths told in mainstream just does not fit all circumstances AND THEY KNOW IT!!

Nope, not for me I’m afraid….the vultures can circle around and try to discredit if they so wish but I will always stay true to my cause of finding truth through my research whether it pisses others off or not.

You see, I made a promise to myself and also informed others, that if I came back to the field I was doing it from a fresh perspective of flexibility in mind and my own direction. I am not here to thump the party line you see. I am not here to blow smoke up scientist or pseudo-sceptics backsides…if you also talk crap…I will call you out! Here is one such spouting of the aforementioned:

  • If You Open Your Mind Too Much, Your Brain Will Fall Out

What a crock of crap that is! To start with, your mind is defined as not the grey mushy matter in your head that we have labeled as the brain and also, the quote was created by closed-minded fear based peeps who parrot it to protect their own firm held thinking.


I want TRUTH and I am going to find it from an open-minded purposeful approach. If I rattle some cages then I am doing my job!

If it’s natural…it will be classified as such…..If it’s unexplained, It will also be classified as such without the bull-crap spouted by armchair wannabe scientists. Some of the rubbish I have heard to explain good mysterious evidence is out of this world!!

Lets jump out the box that has been placed to consume everyone and really push the topic to its limits. Lets do what people like Danny in Ireland attempted when he created the Irish Wind-Chimes or Mary Cunningham pushed when she experimented with black light and trigger objects! Some will cry that its pointless and be pessimistic and I say…leave them to it! let them approach from the negative angle…they do not hang round long!! they give nothing to the field…let them go and hang around at the stagnant level.

My cry out is for more flexible, creative and out-the-box thinking!

What do you think….do we stick solely with science or do we push these labels and methodologies aside and evolve to more imagination, creativity and leading edge thinking in a positive productive way?

Let me know your thoughts

Ryan x

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