Our Book Store – Scottish Paranormal, Haunted Scotland & Mysteries

Our Book Store – Scottish Paranormal & Haunted Scotland

Scottish Paranormal u0026amp; Haunted ScotlandPrefer to read a good book by the published authors of Scottish Paranormal?

Scottish Paranormal senior editor Greg Stewart has written extensively about the paranormal in Scotland, history & related topics. You can view some of his books below with many more in the works.

Scottish Paranormal have several books in the works – and to be released – for everyone who loves all things haunted locations. Keep checking back as we have a lot of reading material coming over the weeks, months and years ahead.

Scottish Paranormal u0026amp; Haunted Scotland

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The Unseen World: Afterlife Research (Scottish Paranormal Book 1) Kindle Edition by Ryan O’Neill (Author)

What lies in the world beyond? Is the reality we experience all that there is? Or is there another realm beyond the one that we know? These are the questions that paranormal researcher and investigator Ryan O’Neill tries to answer, using evidence from his own extensive personal experience and research. Starting with how he was drawn into the paranormal, and exploring concepts such as different levels of consciousness, outer body experience and near death experiences, as well as a guide to paranormal terminology, and a selection of hauntings he has personally investigated. Ryan O’Neill leaves us with more questions than answers about what lies beyond.

Ryan O’Neill is Fife based investigator with Scottish Paranormal

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