Only the open-minded need apply!

There is something that has become evident in my world of paranormal exploration and discovery. Something so fundamentally crucial that it can shape the direction of evidence and personal proof acquired [because you are not getting proof for others I’m afraid]

It is actually funny, due simply to the fact that it was briefly whispered to me back in 2005 and I chose to ignore it. I could not place it within my understanding at that time you see, I already adhered to strict methodologies and wrongly never allowed for flexibility, which would have greatly improved the quality of my research.

What I speak of is open-minded operation on location, and the resulting off-site work which should duly follow. Well DOH Ryan, I hear the cry but truly, think for a second, are ALL the team employing such? Are you using terms like “Team Sceptic” or “Debunkers”, which is a term, if we are honest, in admiration of a certain television crew who make the method and description famous to millions.

You see, in my experience and personal study into all things paranormal and non-physical, I have come to understand that the mental state of the on-site researchers, Investigators and invited guests can influence the amount of paranormal activity encountered. Now to hardened sceptics this is going to fly in the face of their belief system but I can only advise on what I have personally encountered.

We truly do get what we continue to think about in this world, we surely shape the circumstances and opportunities made available by the simple action of thought. Yes, we need the addition of feeling and emotions and nothing happens without personal actions but when we add all this together, mysteriously, things come our way.

Now, add this into the research, study and investigation of paranormal activity, that may be

You may be damaging your sessions by carrying along someone who has zero interest in this field, or sitting within locations while running through thoughts of “This is all BS”

transpiring in a location, then we have a problem and a solution. The problem being closed minded, pre-judged scepticism will be counter-productive yet, if we use the opposite which is open-minded flexible and non-judgemental operation, BINGO, we may just been able to help along the energies within said locations.

You may be damaging your sessions by carrying along someone who has zero interest in this field, or sitting within locations while running through thoughts of “This is all BS” maybe even looking forward to telling the rest of the team “I told you so”

You do not need to construct a team or try and please others within the field by outwardly displaying what some deem as a balance of sceptics and believers. All you need are open-minded individuals who have passion for the subject, flexibility in stand-point and the unique ability to go with the flow of this wonderful intriguing subject.

Forget everyone else and concentrate on the proper make-up and winning formula.

If thoughts truly influence the physical and non-physical, as is being suggested in topics such as quantum physics or via great minds such as Tom Campbell who works with NASA, then we need to be careful of what frame of mind we are using. Please do contemplate that, it may just vastly improve your purpose in this field.

So a wise soul said to me in 2005, that the sceptics I had recruited could be counter-productive to me gaining the truth. It took me a further 6 years to understand this, then further my thoughts to only dealing with those who are passionate for the truth and would suspend belief to get it.

Are you operating at your highest potential in this field? or are you going to wilt away as a copy of others and not the unique Individual and truth seeker that you are? Will it take you 6 years?

Kindest Blessings,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration



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