The Old Temple Kirk – Seat Of The Knights Templars

The Old Temple Kirk – Seat Of The Knights Templars

The Old Temple Kirk - Seat Of The Knights Templars This was the principal seat of the Knights Templars in Scotland with a history going back to that of King David I (Reigned April or May 1124 – 24 May 1153)

The earliest reference we have at hand is most likely in a charter of 1175-99. So we can clearly see an estimated timeline of creation with these dates.

In addition, we also find that in 1128, its alleged that the cousin of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugues de Payens, met King David I in Scotland. The Order thus established a seat at Balantrodoch, now Temple, Midlothian on the South Esk River.

Friday 13 October 1307 – where we get our superstition of Friday the 13th – was a dark The Old Temple Kirk - Seat Of The Knights Templarsday for the Knights Templar. Philip IV, King of France, arrested hundreds of Templars for the rumoured reason of not financially backing his military aspirations.

As one of the richest organisations in Europe, the Templars had turned down a demand from Philip for a loan and thus, he began his campaign against the Order.

He first began this campaign against the Order in the year 1302, this escalated to the kidnapping of Pope Boniface VIII in September 1303, and then he allegedly ordered the poisoning of his successor, Benedict XI in July 1304.

When Pope Clement V was to arise in 1305 Philip finally had an opportunity. The Pope you see was a Frenchman, and a childhood friend, so this would seal the fate of the Templars as the King finally made his move, seizing their lands, treasures and all associated in his path.

We have various rumours of the Knights assisting Robert The Bruce at Bannockburn in the year 1314. This has been rubbished by some historians, however, as little more than an assertion by some that Scotland was incapable of defeating the English without foreign help by mostly French Templars.

Nevertheless, it was said that ‘The Bruce’ was sympathetic towards their cause.

Investigating The Mysteries

In our search, here at Haunted Scotland and as part of Fife Paranormal Research The Old Temple Kirk - Seat Of The Knights TemplarsSociety, we will visit and dig deeper into locations such as Temple, Bannockburn, Rosslyn and other key locations we find associated with the Order.

Will we be able to track their journey throughout Scotland, conduct audio experimentation and pick up clues from the afterlife?

This is certainly the plan we have.

This initial location visit to The Old Temple Kirk was a starting point for this project. I had previously been here way back in 2006/7 as part of an ITV1 Primetime show about the paranormal. So the place was no stranger to me, albeit a good bit colder with flutters of snow.

The Old Temple Kirk - Seat Of The Knights TemplarsI find it entirely strange that such a prominent Scottish location with regards to the Knights Templar is not more known to the public. Afterall, this was their principal seat.

Many seem to bypass this location for the more favoured Rosslyn Chapel which really is not far from here at all.

On this visit, it was about gathering the visual documentation along with various Echovox recordings and plain audio work for possibility of EVP’s

I suspect that the Old Kirk and general area is a land that was used specifically due to natural earth energies, which we can then hypothesise, results in increases in spiritual connection within or possible paranormal activity in the vicinity.

Follow The Project – In Search Of The Knights Templars

During the research for the video that is under construction at the moment, I’ve found a plethora of history and locations we can add to the project.

Some of these have known hauntings which have been reported down the ages, while others are heavily connected to the Order with lands that fall under interest due to ley lines and such.

So keep checking back for updates on this as we dig deep into the Knights Templar in Scotland, the secrets they held and the possibility of associated paranormal activity on their very interesting land positions.

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