Normand Road

Red part should read:

On consultation with the neighbours, It was said that NO Tennent would live here long. Just to add, the neighbours were highly intrigued but not at all surprised. These were old miners houses and many a tale has been told in this particularly old part of central Fife.

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  1. Can you tell me what property on normand road this occurred at please as I grew up on this street and have never heard of this story xxxx

  2. Hello There,

    I can not give you the door number, for obvious reasons and in respect to who may be living there now, all I can say is the row of old minor houses on the right hand-side (if going towards east). They have doors half way up close or you go to back and upstairs. This was a lower house with door in close. This happened in late 90’s. Hope this helps a little?

    Have you heard any other stories form the area while growing up?

    Ryan 🙂

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