Norham Castle – 2013

Named “The Most Dangerous Castle In England” due to its strategic position, overlooking the River Tweed and within close proximity to Scotland, who have fought long-standing wars with their English counterparts.

Norham is partly ruined but in surprisingly good condition and well looked after by the English Heritage. This can be assessed by the well-kept lawns and lack of litter in this stunning looking location.

As you can imagine, the castle saw much action during the wars between England and Scotland. To list the amount of times it was besieged, captured then returned, would cause a long read indeed.

The castle was originally founded when Ranulf Flambard, Bishop of Durham from 1099 to 1128, gave orders for its construction in 1121, in order to protect the property of the bishopric in north Northumberland, from incursions by the Scots.

In 1136 David I of Scotland invaded Northumberland and captured the castle. It was soon handed back to the bishopric, but was recaptured in 1138 during another invasion.

The castle stands on the south bank of the River Tweed, high above the river, so that the north side is protected by a steep slope. A deep ravine protected the east side and an artificial moat was dug round the west and south sides to complete the protection. The castle had and inner and outer ward. The inner ward stood on a mound and was separated from the outer ward by a moat, crossed by a drawbridge.

The only report we have to-date, with regards to Paranormal Activity, is that of a grey lady, who is supposedly resident within the castle grounds. Who can this apparition be, with such visitors as Longshanks (Hammer of the Scots) Wife, there are many ladies of importance to pick from. Then again, the humble maids and general staff may be wandering the grounds after gruesome captures by the Scots in times gone by, now looking for some type of closure in the afterlife.

Lets hope more visits will reveal the secrets.

During the investigation, observation and recording sessions, we utilised many tools such as audio recording devices, P-SB7, Echovox along with visual recordings and environmental energy data. These are under review, some are many hours in length and will be drip fed on to all sites and social media, as we discover items of interest, so please continue to check back.

Huge gratitude and thanks to both Chris & Mark, very able and knowledgeable investigators who I thoroughly enjoyed working with. They truly are a breath of fresh air, may I add, and a credit and to the paranormal field.

Please enjoy the Initial material…..

“partly ruined castle in Northumberland, England, overlooking the River Tweed, on the border between England and Scotland. It is a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The castle saw much action during the wars between England and Scotland.”

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