Newton Castle

Region : Perthshire
Location : Blairgowrie
Details : a detailed history can be found at clan-macpherson

Paranormal Phenomena :
Newton Castle has two ghosts : the murdered widow of George Drummond and a Green Lady.
The first is alleged to stand forever in the drawing-room window above the old front door – since legend relates that when the sons of the Laird of Drumlochy came years after the murders to try to heal the breach between the feuding families, and to woo the daughter of the house, the widow waved her husband’s bloodstained shirt from the window and ordered her surviving sons to harry the visitors over the hill. “The lady with the red duster”, seen by visitors standing at the window, is Drummond’s widow, waving still his stained “sark”.

The Green Lady is alleged to be a common apparition and folklore motif in many Scottish castles and fortified homes. There are a number of stories to explain the Green Lady’s origin, one story suggests that she is the phantom of Lady Jean Drummond, who unwisely fell in love with one of the Blair’s of Ardblair – with whom the Drummond family were often feuding. Inevitably their true love had to be abandoned due to a fresh violent and bloody feud, and she committed suicide by drowning herself in one of the nearby lochs. Another story suggests that a Lady at the castle wished to gain the affections of a certain man, and went to the local wise woman for some magical advice. She was informed that she would have to wear green – the colour of the fairies – and spend a long night waiting at the Corbie Stane (a nearby standing stone)

she now haunts the castle in grief wearing the green dress she wore in her quest for love. Folklore attests that the apparition is thought to be the strongest at Halloween when she comes down and climbs the stair to her bedroom at the top of the round tower.

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