Neidpath Castle Ghost

Neidpath Castle Ghost

Region : Peeblesshire
Location : Peebles
Details : An earlier castle here belonged to Sir Simon Fraser. He defeated the English at Roslin Moor in 1302, but was later captured and executed by the English.

The property passed by marriage to the Hays in 1312. Neidpath Castle is a massive 14th century stone four-storey L-plan tower house, founded by the de Hay family.

Built against the steep banks of the River Tweed, the main block with its rounded Neidpath Castlecorners, originally had three vaulted rooms. Extensive alterations to the tower in the 17th century, removed the top vault and divided the middle vault, to fit in extra floors. In the small courtyard is a range of buildings from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Mary Queen of Scots stayed there in 1563 and her son, King James VI, visited in 1587.

The castle was besieged by Cromwell in 1650. In more recent times, the castle was used during the filming of “The Bruce”.

The castle is quite badly damaged and does have scaffolding up and there are warning signs telling you not to climb on it. From the outside, the castle is on a hill (it is best to get to the castle from the roadside rather than through the park if it is muddy and wet).

But is there a Neidpath Castle Ghost?

Paranormal Phenomena

Neidpath CastleIt’s said to be haunted by the ghost of Jean, the youngest daughter of Sir William Douglas, Earl of March. Jean fell in love with one of the Scotts of Tushielaw, a Border laird, but the romance was forbidden as he was merely the son of a minor landowner. He was banished from the area, but Jean, refusing to take any other husband, sickened and became thin and gaunt. When her lover finally returned, she was so ill that he no longer recognised her. This final blow was too much for Jean and the shock killed her.

Her ghost, however, stayed at the castle, an apparition dressed in a full-length brown frock with a large white collar. Disturbances are reported even now: doors are said to open and close by themselves, unexplained noises have been reported, while objects move by themselves.

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  1. If you want to know more about/see the castle haunting a bit more then check out samandcolby on YouTube they have a series about it ❤️

  2. So the Neidpath castle is an amazing place to visit and I recommend it. My idols went there and I really love it. I wish I can go and visit this amazing place. TO All THE COUPLES THAT WANTS TO GET MARRIED I RECOMMEND Neidpath castle. If you don’t love horror things don’t go there. And if u enjoy haunting stuff. Good luck from me and my idols!!!

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