The Mercure Hotel: Paranormal Investigation with Barry Fitzgerald

The Mercure Hotel is one of the most unique locations in Perth, set in a 15th century watermill, you can still watch the water trickling through the original water wheel from the garden, reception area and Lounge Bar.

So what paranormal activity do we have occurring in this location?

Ghostly manifestations have been seen walking down the stairs towards the reception area, even asked if it wanted a cup of coffee by an unsuspecting receptionist many years ago, to which it answered, and then faded into the ether.

The upper level which is a stunning area with original looking beams – and items of note that would look comfortable in the old 15th Century mill – is said to have an atmosphere of intrigue, and as if some unseen energy is quietly watching.

The following video is from the public event on the 25th October 2014, with Barry Fitzgerald. It is brief highlights from the night, and includes some audio captures via the Echovox application.

Please note, we have many hours of audio still to work through, so more videos will be released over the coming days and weeks from here.

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