Macduff’s Castle

Region: Fife
Location: East Wemyss, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 – 56.162496,-3.05803

Details: MacDuff’s Castle is a ruined castle near East Wemyss, in Fife, Scotland. The site is associated with the MacDuff Earls of Fife, the most powerful family in Fife in the middle ages, although nothing survives from this period. The present ruins are the remains of the home of the Wemyss family, who lived here from the 14th century, and their successors in the 16th century. (Wiki)

Paranormal: The castle is said to have its own ghostly presence, local tales suggest, it is that of a grey lady, who frequents areas between, and including, the caves and the ruined remains of the castle. There is a name associated, Mary Sibbald, who was found guilty of theft and died in the castle.

During a Haunted Scotland visit on the 25th June 2013, an Echovox session was attempted for the first time. Think communication much in the same way as the old parlour boards and divinations, only this time with advanced digital applications that run on the android platform. The audio attempts a fast sweep and echo and invites non-physical energies to manipulate the device.

It was in this session that very clear Scottish accented words were evident. The application is USA made, with no such audio within the program, was this an energy attempting communication at this location? Listen for yourself and let us know what you think!

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“The castle is supposedly haunted by a “Grey Lady”, said to be a Mary Sibbald who was found guilty of theft and died in the castle.”

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9 thoughts on “Macduff’s Castle”

  1. Did you do this inside the castle, at the bottom bit?
    I was in there the other day, went down the bottom and did feel creeped out.
    There’s definitely Scottish dialect on the tape and Glasgow is unmistakable.
    I stay in the area, and have heard many stories about the caves and the castle. I’d heard of Mary Sibbald, but never of a Jim. Interesting stuff

  2. Hey Paul,

    Thank you for the comment buddy,

    I did go in, I think this was the first time I had been and the gate was no longer on. This gave the opportunity to get into those stairs and see what we could do with the recording equipment. Now, it is really weird that you mention down the way, this was the source of a surprising event. I took my wife with me and my photographer daughter, my better half rarely does any of this research or observational work but sometimes pops along to help me with the equipment or keep me company.

    My wife began to go down the way when she let out a OMG! Now, she never does this at all so it startled me, I thought someone was maybe in there and she had got a fright. It transpired that she saw a think misty figure, smoke like mass you could say…it was there and then gone. She was slightly shaken with it.

    This was the first try at Echovox and the audio captured. I will be completely honest with you Paul, I never though anything would be captured on it, this is still in testing stage for me. So to hear the Scottish dialect and Glasgow of all places coming through has shocked me a little. I did contact Danny, the creator of the application as I had to find out if there were embedded Scottish audio’s on it (USA APP) and he has ASSURED AND REASSURE me that there is not.

    I used it at Doune Castle the other week and asked who was the king or queen, remembering that we are trying to make contact with alleged spirits who have passed over, and the reply was Mary!! This falls into line with the seen spirit of Mary, Queen of Scots.

    There are plans to go back to Macduff’s, along with a retry at Ravescraig, in Kirkcaldy, and a few other local places.

    Not got the bottom of the Jim name or the Glaswegian accent but I was informed by other using it from the US, that it may be non-physical attracted into the session rather than just an active haunting of the location.

    Thanks Buddy,

    Ryan 🙂

  3. Hi
    I visited the caves and castle today and felt a very eerie feeling at the same spot you both described. It could simply be that it is very dark down the stairs, but it felt more than just that.

  4. Hello Teresa,

    I know what you mean, I was very reluctant to proceed down. An overwhelming feeling of someone being there was present. As said, It may just be due to the senses being restricted, due to lack of light, but it does feel more than this. Add this in to the mass that Carrie seen, the echovox session and what others are saying, and we seem to be building up data to suggest something is evident.

    Thank you for the feedback, it certainly helps! 😀


  5. Hi
    I visited the mcduff castle wi ma brother n kids we have taken pics n we have got loads of unexplained mist n stuff on these pics I got pushed n we all felt uneasy

  6. Thanks for sharing Jayne!! It’s certainly a place I’m getting a lot of reports from! May need to take another visit out there and see if more data can be collected!

    Ryan 🙂

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