Live Event Feedback – The Vaults in Edinburgh 05

I have now ventured down the vaults on several occasions. It truly is a fascinating place, as you find yourselves standing in awe, trying to imagine what went on when they were active all those years ago.

They are not the most comfortable areas to conduct an investigation in, and it can become very tiring as it saps your energy toward the end of the research night.

It goes to show, exactly, how hard real paranormal investigating can be and how patience has a key role.

How many of you, if down with friends, would have been tempted to leave the silent non-active areas, to jump in on others who were getting results at that back corridor? I was tempted, but knew we had to keep to a schedule while hoping we could uncover phenomena in the sections that were being worked on.

If nothing else, it allows you to class that area as either active or quiet, thus in the future this gives you a clear picture on the exact areas to base your investigation around.

I have now went through all the notes taken by you all [Thirty Participants] during the night. The one thing that did stand out, a lot of swirling breeze type reporting was felt in most sections, being evident one minute and gone in the next.

You have all now been down there, and know from your own perspectives, such natural causes is rather Impossible. Remember, you’re 2 levels down under the ground from Blair Street and as for the other exit at the back corridor, Gary the Mercat guide and I popped up there to check the area, and it also produces no noticeable breeze, certainly not through the three doors connecting the outside and distinct lack of windows.

On checking all your notes, we could say that 80% of you witnessed this swirling breeze, blowing on or around you. It was also noticeable in all sections. I know team members did report this also, and I personally witnessed it especially in the double height room. Could this have been spirit in the area drawing the energy from and around the public on the night? There is every possibility while dealing with mysteries that no one can clearly explain to date.

EMF – This time in the vaults – and as said we have been there a few times – the readings were very Interesting Indeed. We had spikes on a few occasions, all by different teams, and a whole host of different types of equipment.

Areas of interest where the back corridor and cobblers room. Surprise surprise, the back of the vaults again, and an area that I told my team before going, I felt, was the most active area of the vaults for mysterious sensations or equipment data readings, a personal favourite too I must add.

We had spikes at the curtain area, John had a screaming meter in the cobblers room, and likewise with Rachel down at the back corridor curtain. Do you all see the pattern of the areas that this seems concentrated on, it was believed by Mercat tours that the white room was the hot spot too. After this event, along with my past data and experiences, I can now without any doubt, and most of you will be the same, confirm that this area of the vaults is by far the most strangest location to work in.

So many others just pass by the back corridor and cobblers room[This is a 2005 feedback, things may be different today].

We had a sighting of a dark figure at the curtain by Fiona Williamson, the clairvoyant, along with Kat, who was a member attending this event.

We had the curtain moving, and a general feeling by some members, of just not wanting to go near that area at all. On the opposite side of the corridor at the benches, we had a stone heard, as if thrown by someone and we caught a breath sound which was loud and startled a few members of the public.

This is also on audio device.

Some of you had your head touched, according to your personal notes and even one member went home to notice a scratch, on an area, he would rather not have been injured on, not uncommon according to subjective reports.

The limited use of flash photography, I feel helped the atmosphere on the night and reports and e-mails coming in from a few of you, are that this was more active than previous overnight visits.

Ryan O’Neill

Bonnie Says…..

Hello All,
Words cannot express how much the 24th live Vault event was an eye opener for me. First off- it is a bit of an adrenalin rush because the time went by too quickly and when it come to 6am I did not want to leave- but wanted to leap forward in time to another investigation with Ryan & The Team. I would like to thank everyone that had to put up with me in Rachel’s group and bless Rachel herself (she did not feel good and I kept asking questions to everyone).

The first room we went in? forgot the name-we got temperature changes- Thanks Ming for letting me use the temperature measurer- that was very interesting to me… I felt in that first room that no matter which direction I turned my left arm was staying cold and my other arm was the same. I had a very long cosy shirt on (thinking that I would freeze that night) and my left arm was colder than Ming’s and he had a short sleeve t-shirt on. Then I got the overwhelming smell of lavender up my nose. I could not figure out where it was coming from but it would come and go- I asked others around me if they had perfume or deodorants with lavender and could not figure it out. A couple of times Rachel asked me if I was looking down the corridor where the wine cellars were but it was just looking around and the thought of something staring at me but probably just me being anxious for that stupid music to stop and to see or hear something… Rachel [Who is a Sensitive] said that a little boy was running up to a very kind woman in our group with brown hair- she said he liked her very much and the woman said it was probably because she was a Mummy. I thought that was a lovely that the little boy was going to her and Rachel said the wee boy was about 5 to 6 years old….

John Says…..

My team started out in the back corridor. I suppose there was an air of nervous apprehension. Most people noted down how they felt in each area we visited and I think the general opinion was that as the night progressed and we moved from room to room the activity seemed to drop off.
Emf readings were picked up at the end of the corridor where the benches were and also half way down the corridor on the left hand side a few meters or so from the gate. There was no noticeable cause of the EMF fluctuations. The readings taken half way down the corridor were investigated by going through the gate and into the next room to look for a source. None was found and the readings in that room were stronger.
Also noticeable in the back corridor was the temperature. We experienced periodical rushes of cold air again, of which no source was found.

Moving on to the next room found us in the Cobblers room.
Again the public noted their feelings and first impressions of this area and I called for a volunteer to sweep the room with the EMF meter. It was at this point when Ruth was roughly in the centre of the room with the EMF meter held above her head that it registered a fairly strong reading…..The second meter was brought in and it too registered a healthy indication. The ceiling in this room is fairly high and there was no electrical cables in the ceiling….everything is surface mounted within the vaults. I feel that the distance the EMF meter was from the ceiling, that whatever made this reading must have been extremely powerful if it came from the room above. According to Gary(our Guide) it was a beer cellar.
The reading disappeared after a period of time.

Dougie Says…..

Hi everyone. Karen and I had a brilliant time in the Vaults on Sunday morning.
We were in the group that Rachel was leading. Such a shame that she was feeling so lousy. Still I think everyone in the group had a really interesting experience. I think that Bonnie (what a really energetic, “bouncy” girl she was too!!) summed it all up in her report better than I could.
I also felt “cobwebby” touches on my face, like someone brushing their fingers over my beard. I also felt something brush against my leg below the knee. Could have been Bonnie’s dog!!
Karen woke up with red marks on her stomach and arm. Her hubby took photos of them, so she will hopefully get them on the site.

The back corridor was a strange place. We all felt something as soon as we entered it. I tried to take the EMF meter down to the dark corridor at the bottom but had to stop. It just felt so intimidating. I couldn’t even join in the session we all had down there. Strange as last time I was there it was fine.

Diane Says…..

Hi John,
I was in your team on Saturday night. I thought it was a good night. It did go quiet as we went on. But we all still managed to pick up on different spirits. It will be good to see if anyone has any interesting photo’s. Shirley had a really good orb in the last room. Where we had all gathered at the end. In the back corridor I think that there is a child’s body buried in the wall. It would be great if the wall could be scanned by some kind of x-ray machine to see if they could detect anything in there. I look forward to reading the info gathered and seeing the photos.

From Diane


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