Linlithgow Palace

Region : West Lothian
Location : Linlithgow
Details : This was the castle of the Stewart kings of Scotland from the 15th century . In 1512 Mary, Queen of Scots was born here. For more details see the feature page on Undiscovered scotland

Paranormal Phenomena : Queen Margaret’s Tower at the top of one of the stair towers, is said to be haunted by Mary of Guise, waiting for the return of her husband, James V. The mystical websiteadds that – “Although ruined, this birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots retains a charm and attraction and, it seems, the ghost of a woman. The custodian told me in 1973 that he and his wife as well as a few visitors had seen the shape of a woman near the main entrance. `She is in a bluish gown` he told me ` and walks purposefully towards the nearby church. She disappears within a few feet of the wall`. Her appearances normally occur in April though she has been witnessed in September, `But always in the mornings about nine o’clock` Some people have also reported hearing a rustle of clothing at the same time.”

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