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  1. I also stay in this street as does one of my good friends it is a hive of activity we frequently experience the same happenings as those above although luckily none of our children have been harmed. In my friends house shadow’s are often seen passing by in her kitchen and a mans voice has also been heard clearly from the bedroom.

  2. Thanks for the reply Claire, its always excellent to have further depth by hearing of similar concentrated in one area. In addition to the case posted here which was midway up the street, I had heard that, what is called the “High Blocks” (the ones sitting at the top right of street) may be affected with similar stories. I will be further expanding on the story you read above, I have first hand witnessed some of the activity there and its certainly verifiable.

    Thanks again and do keep checking back!! 🙂

  3. Wow glad to know its not just us, we have stayed in Leslie street for four years and have heard children’s voices in the middle of the night that are unlike any of our kids, when checked our kids have been sound asleep, and in one room both my partner and son suffer really bad nose bleeds, this is the same bedroom we have heard most of the voices from, but also we have he ard a child laughing in the kitchen late at night, it’s a little strange and creepy at times but no real harm has come to us apart from the nose bleeds of course.

  4. I stayed in the high blocks in Leslie Street and me and my family exerienced some strange things, my daughter used to look and point to the corner of room as if someone was there and she was scared by something. It creeped us out at the time. Weird but I believe something goes on there!!!

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