Kirk O Shotts Ghost

Kirk O Shotts Ghost

Kirk o shotts ghostMysterious figures of a ghostly nature, unexplained voice recordings, and a general feeling of unease when darkness descends.

It can only be the imposing – yet breathtaking – location that is Kirk O’Shotts, at North Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Paranormal Activity

Looking at the various reports from on-line databases, my colleagues in Scotland, and not forgetting visits personally in 2006, 2011, 2014 & 2015 It seems as if we have possible activity in the form of a male figure, on the road, where the Kirk sits.

Is this Kirk O Shotts Ghost?

The stories floating around, are that of a female driver who is said to have hit the Kirk O Shotts Ghost. She was absolutely mortified when she got out to check and found absolutely nothing, she of course thought she’d hit a physical person.

It was evident that the figure had mysteriously vanished into thin air.

Various other people – usually on foot – have also reported a mysterious apparition in the area.

  • Who is this apparition?
  • Is it a ghostly replay? (Non-Sentient Residual)
  • A lost spirit looking for assistance?

In 2006, the Scottish Paranormal team coordinated by Ryan O’Neill, captured a very strange piece of audio which has never been explained in a satisfactory manner.

The audio device had been placed inside the empty Kirk with only the Reverend sitting in a small office near the exit. The device managed to not only capture the strange sound, but it actually proceeded to turn itself off with batteries perfectly fine and tape nowhere near the end.

In addition to the above, we have personally received a multitude of emails and messages from other keen enthusiasts – and witnesses – who have experienced weird situations at Kirk O Shotts.

These range from sightings & photographic anomalies, through to pure uneasiness in the vicinity of this location. So who is the Kirk O Shotts Ghost, and why are they still lingering in this physical plane after death?

2015 Video Update – Kirk O’Shotts in 4K UHD…..

Is Kirk O'Shotts Haunted?

The Voices of Kirk O Shotts Spirits? Listen and see what you think…..

Spirit Voices: Kirk O'Shotts

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