Kirk O’ Shotts (Church)

Mysterious figures of a ghostly nature, unexplained voice recordings and a general feeling of unease when darkness descends. It can only be the imposing yet breathtaking location that is Kirk O’Shotts, and its surrounding area.

The parish of Shotts bulks large in covenanting history. The Rev. John Livingstone, after Communion on 21st June 1630 preached a sermon on the Monday in the churchyard Which kindled the flame of revival that spread over a large part of Scotland-a flame which even the persecutions of the next generation did not extinguish. But it was a superstitious age, and not many years after the revival we find the kirk-session of Shotts dealing with a number of witches. Indeed, in 1683, thirty men met between the Kirk of Shotts and Cambusnethen, who had forsaken the ordinances of God, and there did debate the authority of Scripture, and thereafter played at football with them [the witches], and after that burned them; this was verified by two ministers, Mr William Violent and Mr John Oliphant, who had certain information of it.

In 1650 Cromwell marched through Shotts with all his “Horses and fute, by the Muir-way and the Kirk of Shotts, whare they had much difficulty to carey their cannoun and guns.’’ Not long after this the Great Protector used these words in his indictment of the Covenanting ministers before Dunbar; “I beseech you in the bowels of Christ think it possible that you may be mistaken.’’ Many of Shotts people were stout Covenanters, and some of them took part in the Pentland Rising, in the affair of Drumclog, and in the battle of Bothwell Brig. The churchyard has its inevitable Martyr’s Stone.

Paranormal Activity

Looking at the various reports from on-line databases, my colleagues in Scotland and not forgetting a visit personally in 2006 and 2011, It looks like we have possible activity in the form of a male figure, on the road, on which the Kirk sits. The stories floating around (pardon the pun) are that a female driver, hit the said apparition and was mortified when she got out to check, the figure had mysteriously vanished into thin air. Various other people, usually on foot, have also reported a mysterious figure of a ghostly nature in the area.

  • Who is this apparition?
  • Is it a ghostly replay? (Non-Sentient Residual)
  • A lost spirit looking for assistance?

In 2006, myself and the team from Scottish Paranormal, captured a very strange piece of audio which has never been explained in a satisfactory manner. The audio device had been placed inside the empty Kirk, with only the Reverend sitting in a small office near the exit. The device managed to not only capture the strange sound, but it actually proceeded to turn itself off, with batteries perfectly fine and tape nowhere near the end.

In addition to the above, I have personally received a multitude of emails and messages from other keen enthusiasts and witnesses who have experienced weird situations. These range from sightings and photographic anomalies through to pure uneasiness in the vicinity of this location.

Have you ever visited the area? Have a strange tale to tell? Please let me know!

“Photography from Visit”

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