Kinnaird Head Castle

Region : Aberdeenshire
Location : Fraserburgh
Details : This castle consists of an altered massive 15th-century keep, rectangular in plan, of four storeys and formerly with a garret. The parapet, with open rounds at the corners, has a machiolated projection in the centre of each parapet. The enterance was at first floor level, a turnpike stair has been removed. the hall was on the first floor. The Wine Tower, standing about 50 yards away, is a lower tower, now of three storeys, all of them vaulted. The unlit first floor is only entered by a trapdoor from the second floor, which is itself only reached from an outside ladder. The basement has no stairs to the floors above.

Paranormal Phenomena : Kinnaird is said to be haunted by a previous occupant named Isobel. Legend has it that her father drowned the girls secret lover by chaining him up to a rock in a nearby cave whilst a storm raised the water level : Horrified and distressed she ran to the Tower and flung herself off and onto the rocks below. The cave thereafter became known as The Piper’s Cave and the ghost of the piper can be heard playing for Isobel. Whenever a storm gathers up a ghostly figure can be seen wandering between the Castle and the Wine Tower – her appearance is said to warn people of imminent bad weather

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