Kilchurn Castle

Region : Argyll
Location :
Details : Built in about 1450 by Sir Colin Campbell, as a five storey tower house with a courtyard and defended by an outer wall. By about 1500 an additional range and a hall had been added to the south side of the castle. Further buildings went up during the 1500s and 1600s. In 1760 the castle was badly damaged by lightning and was completely abandoned.

Paranormal Phenomena : It is alleged that A young couple decided to camp for the night within the old castles walls, and after pitching their tent, the young man decided to climb the steps of the main tower and watch the sunset. As he stood facing the window he was chatting away to who he believed to be his girlfriend. Slowly an icy cold began to creep into the tower and an eerie pleading voice whispered ?Let me go, please help me to rest in peace, let me go?. As the voice fell silent, the temperature in the tower rose and the man turned around to face the intruder. As nobody was there, he bolted back down the steps where he found his girlfriend cowering behind a wall. She too had heard strange voices whom she described as not being of this world. They both fled in terror.

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  1. Hi, 2 years ago my family and i visited Kilchurn castle with our labrador Gemma who has been in many castles/chapels etc,on approaching the castle Gemma became very nervous, we had to phisically drag her through the entrance we couldn’t stay for long as she was obviously scared by something, the whole time cowering and was very relieved when we left. The only other time she has been like this was in Kilmory chapel where again she cowered against the wall and would not approach the centre of the room.

  2. Hi Sharon, I am not surprised with your experience or that of your dog Gemma. Animals and especially cats & dogs, seem to be able to sense far more than we do at times. I have witnessed first hand such behaviour from a cat and right at a time where strange unexplained phenomena was taking place. I tend to give massive amounts of attention to pets or animals with their behaviour in such circumstances.

    Thank you for giving this particular location more depth with your experience, you have contributed to the interest of this place and helped me greatly gain what I class as number one here….personal experiences!! We can have all the theory, science or whatever else but it will never beat what good people like yourself experience and share openly.

    Have an excellent weekend,

    Ryan 🙂

  3. Thankyou Ryan, yep in my opinion there was defenatly a presence there that Gemma was not happy with,
    Hope you have a good weekend too 🙂

  4. I’ve read your articles about kilchurn castle and i must say I’ve been very surprised to read them!! We went there last august. my friend has some skills in mediumnity; We were in the first room of the entrance of the castle and he became nervous. He took photographs of this room and we were astonished to see on them a sort of midst (or vapour) coming from the ground. I didn’t believe him and I went in the far end of this room and on the picture one sees me envelopped in this sort of fog with a light leaving my body and going up. We also saw faces appearing on the wall. And very surpringly, on one of the pictures he took, we can see the bones of my arms and legs like Xrays! He heard a little girl asking for help!! When we went inside the castle, we went upstairs in the tower and we heard heavy bangs on the floor as if someone was using a hammer!! We were alone. Twice we went through this room and twice we saw this sort of fog!! As soon as we were outside, the pictures became quite ordinary! If you are interested, I can try to post photographs here.

  5. Hi Tregor, thank you so much for sharing this information and I would love to see your pictures!!

    Ryan 🙂

  6. Good evening,

    Do you remember us? the french guys who visited Kilchurn Castle last august and saw some strange things. We are planning to stay in Scotland from july 30th to august 15th. Would you have interesting places which would be worth a visit?
    Perhaps will we able to meet somewhere!! I’m sailing to Spain till July 20th and I’ll answer you as soon as I come back.
    Yours friendly


  7. Hey Gerard, Thank you for the message, of course I remember you!! I will have a look through the locations and see what I can advise, as good places for you to visit. If I am free we could see about arranging something too. Hope you have a fantastic holiday in Spain and looking forward to hearing your plans for Scotland.

    Much blessings and speak soon,


  8. I myself & my fiancè went to view Kilchurn Castle at around 2/3pm. As I was heading up towards the Castle I felt I was not Welcome but I persisted. I got to the edge of the small hill in which the Castle is erected & continued to climb, halfway up I fell, I presumed due to the mud, I got myself back up & called “Ok Cambell, I’m going,” at this I fell again this time SHATTERING MY WRIST as I tried to save my fall. I knew right away I had broken my wrist but persisted to leave the grounds once I had enlightened my Partner of the situation. As I was heading round to Inform him, he was just coming back to us from rear side of Castle & said the way I rose in the air then fell flat on my back, it was like I had been lifted up & dropped. I just lay there & as I did I heard in my ear in a Strange not of this world voice say “GET OUT”,

  9. Grazia Grados-Eade

    Hi Ryanon, I’ve just seen your entry about Kilchurn Castle and the subsequent contributions of experiences within the castle. Yesterday I visited the site with my husband and I also got the same feeling as described here in entering the castle. I took several photos, the first few were too dark to make anything out, so I turned the flash on and started taking the photos in immediate pairs, with just two or three seconds in between. In one of them there’s a mist coming obliquely from near what I believe to be the prison cell door, but the subsequent photo doesn’t show any anomaly. Could I send you the pictures for you to examine them and compare them to other people’s? I would very much appreciate it.

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