Jedburgh Castle Jail: Live Echovox Raw Files

Jedburgh castle jail echovoxHaunted Scotland conducted live audio sessions as part of an overnight Investigation into Jedburgh Castle Jail in the Borders. The Echovox application system was used for these sessions, in accordance to the structured working hypothesis as constructed by Ryan O’Neill, through 22 months of intense research using the aforementioned set-up.

Throughout the night, we have managed to gather in excess of 2 hours of raw unprocessed audio which has now been uploaded to the relevant sections of this website.

You can access these files at http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/series/jedburgh-castle-jail/ which is housed under the “Ghost Voices” menu bar above.

Due to their unprocessed nature, the captures – or potential captures – are open to interpretation and thus must be fully analysed using a whole host of conditions that will enable us to dive deep and present with confidence. They are listed for transparency, for the public members who attended and took part of said sessions, and future reference points as methodologies improve and analysis is upgraded through advancements in technology.

We will be providing full highlighted videos in the near future from these sessions – which we found to be extremely interesting at set points – and we urge you to check back in the future for these.

In the mean time, we list here additional material in the form of photography from Jedburgh Castle Jail on the 18th of April 2015. We hope you enjoy them!

“Haunted Scotland Investigates Jedburgh Castle Jail as part of Ghost Events Scotland, hosting the overnight sessions with the members of the public.”

From Jedburgh Castle Jail 18/04/15, posted by Haunted Scotland on 4/19/2015 (25 items)

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