Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs – Sessions 18th April 2015

Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPsRyan O’Neil and team – Tammy O’Neill, Lynne and Gary Knight and Janice Dodds were at Jedburgh Jail leading a public investigation. The team is becoming well known for the quality of their public events and are hoping to expand in the near future to offer more people the chance to come along and see how investigations are conducted.

If interested in joining one of our public events contact Ryan at the Haunted Scotland Website : Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs

The following videos are the responses that Gary & Lynne received while conducting a session in the Bridewell – these are EVPs and so were unheard at the time – and only able to be presented here by a long process of audio manipulation.

These were independently analysed by Christopher Huff, published author of Haunted Second World War Airfields (The trilogy), and owner of Spirit Research North-east and close associate of Haunted Scotland. Christopher is internationally known for his analysis techniques, manipulating audio files to pull out unheard – at the time – audio’s. Please watch out for further ‘Tutorials’ on how to improve your analysis techniques from Christopher Huff. Subscribe to his channel for updates!

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