Is Ravenscraig Castle Haunted

Is Ravenscraig Castle Haunted

Is Ravenscraig Castle HauntedRavenscraig Castle is a ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy, dating from around 1460.

This location has now been subject to numerous visits by Haunted Scotland, collecting images, video, and conducting non-intrusive audio recordings.

During our June 2015 visit to this Haunted Scotland favourite, we decided to concentrate on new perspectives through video and photography.

Paranormal Activity – Is Ravenscraig Castle Haunted

There are reports of a mysterious white lady – an apparition that is said to walk this castle on occasion – being witnessed multiple times at both the location, and the long gone hospital behind this area. During one past audio session, a rather rough – and angry – sounding voice was heard telling us to leave.

Is the white lady apparition attached to the castle, or is she attached to the hospital that once stood in the shadow of Ravescraig Castle.

Please do enjoy the video, and check back for the top 10 atmospheric photographs from this location which will follow in the near future.

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Is Ravenscraig Castle Haunted

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