Is Mary Kings Close Haunted

Is Mary Kings Close Haunted

Is Mary Kings Close HauntedLocated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, with a prime position next to the historical Royal Mile – which leads up-to Edinburgh Castle – exists a unique visitor attraction which has acquired quite a reputation for its paranormal activity.

Mary Kings Close – along with the neighbouring Closes – is within the main centre of the most vibrant streets, filled with traders and local residents alike. It would have been home to people, businesses, storage spaces, and the main heart of busy every day life.

Mysteries, myths and folklore surround this location and it comes as no surprise that reported sightings of spirits & ghosts are prevalent, but is Mary Kings Close haunted?

I’ve been fortunate with my research into Scotland’s most active locations, having had extensive access to Mary Kings Close – deemed one of the most active locations in the world – between 2005 & 2008, and then a few revisits up till 2014 for various events held within the attraction.

This provided the perfect opportunity to work within the environment, personally test the claims, and make an informed conclusion about what was transpiring underground at Mary Kings Close.

Three solid years worth of research working hand in hand with the attraction management on events & festivals were fruitful for raising the awareness Internationally, and gathering data that can’t easily be explained.

Is Mary Kings Close Haunted 2At one point I did claim this location to be the most active – from an on-site Investigative or events perspective – not only subjective witness reporting either, but actual activity was never far away, and I experienced it first hand.

Mary Kings Close needs no introduction to most people, we have all heard of the stories, subjective reports, and historic information from the worlds most famous time capsule.

Paranormal Activity

The Real Mary King’s Close is often cited as the most haunted location in Scotland. The first filed historical sighting that we find dates back to around the 1685 period, and involves the Coltheart family.

The family moved into the Close after the last outbreak of the plague, and It was shortly Is Mary Kings Close Haunted 4after this that Thomas and his wife experienced ‘apparitions and unknown phantom energies’ in the Close.

The files of paranormal activity from Mary Kings Close also show reported incidences that include – but are not limited to – a ‘worried man’, a woman in black, a little girl called Annie who allegedly spoke to a famous Japanese psychic, sounds of a tavern in full swing, and scratching coming from inside a chimney, where a child sweep is said to have died.

Other unusual occurrences experienced by visitors and members of staff include stones being thrown, unexplained footsteps, and countless recordings of voices, alarms being set off, and physical activity.

Mr Chesney’s house, at the bottom of Mary King’s Close has been the subject of some quite intense Electronic Voice Phenomena & Echovox study over the past 10 years, with some rather strange results.

Is Mary Kings Close HauntedPersonally, I’ve witnessed alarms being set off by unseen forces, footsteps walk towards me over wooden floors in the lower levels – also witnessed by a team of 5 researchers – and a women’s voice call out “Hello” when the location was locked down after hours.

Cold spots, shadow figures moving around, and various bumps and knocks have also been common during the time spent under ground.

I’ve researched a plethora of locations over the last 10 years, but never have I witnessed so much activity that I can personally verify as FACT. Not every location looked into provides such data, personal experience, or leaves such an impression on you.

Is Mary Kings Close Haunted? YES, I would be willing to put my neck on the line here and say overwhelmingly that it is, and I know such as I have had direct experience in this location.

When we add in the subjective witnesses testimonies, results from a plethora of Is Mary Kings Close Haunted 7research and investigative organisations, and the extensive work completed by my Scottish Paranormal team and latest Haunted Scotland project, we have some compelling evidence of such.

Whether the activity is more of an energetic replay of past emotional trauma – non interactivity – or actual spirits visiting this location to interact with people, we do not know.

It can also be a mixture of both, providing a cocktail of unexplainable circumstance that tends to be experienced time and time again.

There is only one way for you the reader to know for sure – much like how I’ve approached the paranormal for over a decade now – and that’s to go to the location and experience it for yourself.

We can read all the data in the world, listen to so-called experts, and watch the debates about the afterlife across many platforms online and offline, but till we actually place ourselves in the thick of the action and make informed conclusions, we will never truly know!

Next Session – Halloween 2015

I will return to this location on Halloween 2015 with Lynne & Gary Knight of History & Horror tours to freely aid 30 members of the public in the search for paranormal activity and some answers.

Echovox Audio LiveI plan to bring live audio to the table, conducting 3 sessions with 10 public members throughout the night to show what I do for my research hobby here at Haunted Scotland.

So check back for the results, as we probe further into this excellent Edinburgh underground attraction.

What will we hear live, and will we get the answers we seek?

If you want to join us underground at this location, I’m told tickets will be on sale imminently and will go live on the website here with all enquiries to History & Horror Tours at 07840 094667

The Event page is located at: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/mary-kings-close-edinburgh-overnight-event/ and will have booking buttons available when open to the public.

All post-investigation material will be available to our readers on the website, and available on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HauntedScotlandInvestigates

If you have been to this location, and you have an experience to tell, please do post it below, or on our facebook wall under this inclusion. We love to hear your stories, and we take them very seriously and with full respect.

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