Is Cambuskenneth Abbey Haunted?

Is Cambuskenneth Abbey Haunted?

Is Cambuskenneth Abbey HauntedCambuskenneth Abbey is a mostly ruined Augustinian monastery situated near Stirling in Scotland.

The abbey sits in the shadows of both Stirling Castle, and the Wallace Monument, then a little further still we reach Bannockburn.

All locations that have connections to the abbey.

Founded around the year 1140 by King David I of Scotland, originally it was named the Abbey of St Mary of Stirling.

One of the more important abbeys of Scotland in its time – due in part to its proximity to the Royal Burgh of Stirling – the location was no stranger to historical situations.

Royalty – surprisingly including Edward Longshanks (King of England) and less surprisingly Robert the Bruce (King of Scots) – prayed regularly at the abbey. The Bruce held his parliament there in 1326 to confirm the succession of his son David II.

In 1486 Margaret of Denmark died at nearby Stirling Castle, and was buried at Cambuskenneth abbey. Then In 1488, her husband James III – who was murdered at the Battle of Sauchieburn – had his body taken to Cambuskenneth Abbey for his burial.

Is Cambuskenneth Abbey HauntedThe abbey then fell into disuse during the Scottish Reformation and by 1559 the abbey was closed and the buildings allegedly looted and burned. Cambuskenneth was placed under the jurisdiction of the military governor at Stirling Castle, who’s said to have had the stonework used in construction projects in the castle.

Further intrigue can be found in a local story with regards to William Wallace’s left arm and this location.

After he was executed – his body parts sent to various places as a warning to others – Is Cambuskenneth Abbey Hauntedhis left arm would find itself in Stirling. When the flesh is said to have fallen away, the Monks from Cambuskenneth Abbey went in the dead of night and collected it.

Returning to the Abbey, they buried it outstretched and pointing towards Abbey Craig, the site of what is now the Wallace Monument.

Paranormal Activity

Is Cambuskenneth Abbey HauntedWitnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures of the Monks at this location. Usually they are spotted on the first floor of the tower, and at times on the turnpike stair.

The apparition of James III & Queen Margaret have also been seen in the grounds here.

Mary, Queen of Scots – Yes I know, she is everywhere – was crowned at Stirling in 1542 and her ghost is said to walk the grounds here too.

Most certainly a hot-bed for activity, and one often overlooked in favour of the more well-known locations in this historically rich part of Scotland.

How would I get on as I wandered the grounds, recording the atmosphere while feeling the area for strange sensations, and scanning for audio in the hope of coherence via the audio software?

Let’s look and see…..

Is Cambuskenneth Abbey Haunted?

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