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Inveraray Jail, which is located in Inveraray, Argyll and Bute, is a 19th-century courthouse & prison. It was in use as a prison from 1820 to 1889, a category A-listed building, the location is now a fantastic visitor attraction which is open to the public as a living museum.

The courtroom, on the first floor – which has rather impressive mannequins giving you a feel for what it would be like in operation – has a semicircle of windows which give an absolutely stunning view overlooking the yard which was once used for the prisoners, and views beyond, across the equally stunning Loch Fyne.

You can also explore the old prison, the new prison, and get locked up in the rebuilt Airing Yards.

This location over the years, has built up quite a reputation for being one of Scotland’s most haunted locations. Even coming under the scope of my previous organisation – that I founded to look into such matters a full decade ago – Scottish Paranormal, where back in 2007 we conducted a private non-public research session to look into the claims.

We were not to be disappointed, as various unexplainable occurrences took place throughout the night, especially in certain areas within the prison section itself. On review of the DVR systems, we had many cases of strange shadow type phenomena, moving around in the prison corridor. This was never adequately solved, and the information was filed for further exploration in the future.

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity at Inveraray Jail. These range from the presence of an aggressive former guard in the exercise room of the prison building, through to the sounds of tapping on bars, feelings of sadness, and the tell-tale signs of unexplainable temperature fluctuations that we can monitor on the various pieces of equipment.

Make no mistake about it, Inveraray Jail has some seriously interesting activity from a paranormal perspective manifesting, and this is reflected in the popularity witnessed by the plethora of visiting paranormal teams, research organisations, and public events taking place in its West of Scotland location.

Are these the spirits of past visitors, some of Scotland’s past prisoners, or is the location housed in an areas more susceptible to paranormal manifestations.

I will be returning here with Mark Turner (Ghost Finders Scotland Founder), Bryan Boyle (Mystic & Esoteric Teacher) and a selection of the public to probe this location at great lengths. With in-excess of 50 years of experience between us, what will we find at Inveraray Jail this time, and will we be any closer to solving the mysteries surrounding this highly respected location.

Full reports will be available to Haunted Scotland visitors, and Ghost Events Scotland participants post-visit in November this year.

Please also look out for Echovox session videos, Spiritual impression sessions from Bryan Boyle, and any further evidence we have to support the activity taking place on the night.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan: Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

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