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Linlithgow Palace Haunting in Pictures.

Linlithgow Palace HauntingLinlithgow Palace is situated in the town of Linlithgow, in West Lothian, Scotland which is approximately 15 miles west of Edinburgh.

The palace was one of the main residences for Scotland’s monarchs from the 15th century. However, after Scotland’s monarchs left for England in 1603, the palace was scarcely used, and then was subject to a burn out in 1746.

Let’s have a look at Linlithgow Palace – in pictures – as of March 2016 with some additional information.

1. Historic Site of Linlithgow

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

The site of Linlithgow palace is no stranger to important structures throughout the ages. A royal manor existed here in the 12th century, this was replaced by a fortification known as ‘the Peel’, built in the 14th century by occupying English forces under Edward I. It’s position between Edinburgh & Stirling Castle was crucial as a supply route.

2. The Building Of The Palace

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

In 1424, the town of Linlithgow was partially destroyed by a great fire. The Scottish King, King James I, started the rebuilding of the Palace as a major Royal residence for Scottish royalty, also in tandem was rebuilding of the Church of St Michael, immediately to the south of the palace.

3. Mary Queen Of Scots Birthplace.

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

Did you know, the Scottish Queen “Mary Queen Of Scots” was born here in December 1542?

4. Is Linlithgow Palace Haunted…

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

Yes, rumour has it that this location is indeed haunted by the mother of Mary Queen Of Scots, Mary of Guise.

5. The Story Behind The Haunting.

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

Queen Margaret’s Tower at the top of one of the stair towers, is said to be haunted by Mary of Guise, waiting for the return of her husband, James V. In 1973, a custodian recounts that he and his wife as well as a few visitors had seen the shape of a woman near the main entrance. The mystical website adds that – `She is in a bluish gown` he told me ` and walks purposefully towards the nearby church. She disappears within a few feet of the wall`. Her appearances normally occur in April though she has been witnessed in September, `But always in the mornings about nine o’clock` Some people have also reported hearing a rustle of clothing at the same time.”

6. Residual Haunting or Visiting Spectre?

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

It’s hard to accept that any consciousness separated from the body would linger for so long awaiting the return of their husband. It’s felt that they would kind of realise by now – after all these centuries – that this is not happening. What we can hypothesise, is that the actual activity and sighting are that of an energetic replay, non sentient, and playing out regularly as if imprinted into the environment somehow.

7. Haunted Scotland Recommends Visiting.

Linlithgow Palace Haunting

Do we recommend a visit to Linlithgow Palace? YES! This location is steeped in Scottish history and we’re a massive supporter of our national treasures here at Haunted Scotland.

Only by visiting the location can you truly soak up the atmosphere and seek out the truth behind the Linlithgow Palace Haunting!

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