In Pictures: Haunted Kirk O’Shotts

Haunted Kirk O’Shotts

Haunted Kirk O'ShottsHaunted Kirk O’Shotts is located in close proximity to the M8, sitting in an elevated position, and unmistakable to those travelling this area of Scotland.

What’s more, the area seems to be extremely active with paranormal activity, more so than most other religious sites.

Let’s have a look at some photographs from Haunted Kirk O’Shotts…..

1. The Kirk

The present Church building was opened on 26th October 1821, however, we can track back previous places of worship in this area to 1450. I will hypothesise further, that most likely we would find the land has been used as a place of worship for many faiths going far back in Scotland’s history.

We find the land is usually deemed as energetic – possibly due to ley lines – and therefore adopted as a spiritual place to lay thanks and be in connection with the source.

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

2. Covenanter Location

The parish of Shotts has a deep covenanting history. Rev. John Livingstone, after Communion on 21st June 1630 preached a sermon in the Churchyard.

This spread all over Scotland, and carried on for the next generation.

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

3. The Martyrs Stone

Many of the people of Shotts were stout Covenanters, and some even took part in the Pentland Rising, and in the battle of Bothwell Brig.

The churchyard even boasts a historical yet tragic Martyr’s Stone bearing the inscription;

“Here lyes the bones of William Smith, who lived at Moremellon, who with others appeared in arms at Pentland Hills in defence of Scotland’s Covenanted Word of God in opposition to popery, prelacy, and Perjury, and was murdered on his return home near this place”

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

4. So, Is It Haunted?

It seems as if we have possible activity in the form of a male figure spotted on the road, where the Kirk sits.

Some have speculated that this may be linked to William – the Martyr Covenanter above – as he still wanders the area looking for her perpetrators.

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

5. The Vanishing Man

The stories floating around are that of a female driver who is said to have hit the Kirk O Shotts Ghost. She was absolutely mortified when she got out to check and found absolutely nothing, she of course thought she’d hit a physical person.

It was evident that the figure had mysteriously vanished into thin air.

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

6. Audio Device Activity

In 2006, the Scottish Paranormal team – which I founded & coördinated – captured a very strange piece of audio which has never been explained in a satisfactory manner.

The audio device had been placed inside the empty Kirk with only the Reverend sitting in a small office near the exit. The device managed to not only capture the strange sound, but it actually proceeded to turn itself off with batteries perfectly fine and tape nowhere near the end.

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

7. Who Are The Wandering Spirits?

In addition to the above, I have personally received a multitude of emails and messages from other keen enthusiasts – and witnesses – who have experienced weird situations at Kirk O’Shotts.

These range from sightings & photographic anomalies, through to pure uneasiness in the vicinity of this location.

So who is the Kirk O Shotts Ghost, and why are they still lingering in this physical plane after death?

Haunted Kirk O'Shotts

Want to hear some possible audio captures of spirit communication?


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