In Pictures: Haunted Glamis Castle

Haunted Glamis Castle

Haunted Glamis CastleSituated beside the village of Glamis, childhood home to the Queen Mother, and home to the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne….It must be the stunning yet haunted Glamis Castle in Scotland.

Let’s have a look at some photographs taken in 2015 at this national treasure in Angus…..

1. The Jewel in Angus

The estate surrounding the castle covers more than 57 square kilometres (14,000 acres) and, in addition to parks and gardens, produces several cash crops including lumber and beef.

Haunted Glamis Castle

2. Pre-historic Energetic Land of Angus

The vicinity of Glamis Castle has prehistoric traces; for example, a noted intricately carved Pictish stone – known as the Eassie Stone – was found in a creek-bed at the nearby village of Eassie.

Like much of Angus, the area is rich in history and the lands certainly date back to the Pictish people.

Haunted Glamis Castle

3. The Most Haunted Castle In Britain?

Glamis Castle is known as one of the most haunted castles in Britain, and is it any wonder with the abundance of well known historical figures who have attended this location.

Where we find such history, and emotional connections, we find a plethora of mysterious activity.

Haunted Glamis Castle

4. The Lady Janet Douglas Apparition

The family chapel is alleged to be haunted by what people describe as a Grey Lady, who is said to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, who was burned at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill, in Edinburgh around 1537.

Her apparition has been seen by a number of witnesses at the chapel and at the Clock Tower.

Haunted Glamis Castle

5. Wandering Female Spirit In The Grounds

The spirit of a woman with a missing tongue is said to haunt the grounds. She runs around the estate pointing at her supposedly mutilated face.

Haunted Glamis Castle

6. The Servant Boy

A young black boy, the ghost of a servant from around 200 years ago, haunts a stone seat by the door of the Queen’s bedroom.

Haunted Glamis Castle

7. Earl Beardie, Cruel or Misunderstood?

One of the more infamous spirits is known as Earl Beardie, allegedly a cruel and wicked man, probably stemming from his rebellion against King James II.

His apparition is said to wander the castle, and there have been reports of children waking to find his figure leaning over their beds.

Haunted Glamis Castle

8. The Stunning Glamis Castle

Enjoy the history and spectacle of Glamis Castle. Take a guided tour with one of the expert guides and soak up the atmosphere of a thousand years of history.

Haunted Scotland highly recommends this location, whether interested in the paranormal or not!
Haunted Glamis CastleThe official website of the Castle is www.Glamis-Castle.co.uk

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