In Pictures: Haunted Bangour Village Hospital

Haunted Bangour Village Hospital

Haunted Bangour Village HospitalBangour Village Hospital, is a now abandoned psychiatric hospital located in West Lothian, Scotland.

It’s no stranger to reports of paranormal activity, giving it the title of Haunted Bangour Village Hospital by many visitors who share their story both online and offline.

Lets take a look at some pictures from Haunted Scotland’s visit to this location in August 2015…..

1. Bangour Village Hospital Abandoned.

It was opened officially in October 1906, then In 1918 Bangour General Hospital was created – in the extensive grounds – but the hospital began winding down in 1989.

The last ward at Bangour eventually closed in 2004.

Haunted Bangour Village Hospital 1

2. It’s Haunted!

It’s of little surprise that such an establishment at the heart of the community would then lay claim – by many locals and dog walkers – to some very strange paranormal activity.

Haunted Bangour Village Hospital 2

3. Shadow Figures Walk The Grounds.

Mysterious figures have been sighted walking the grounds at Bangour Village Hospital, following visitors, and then they just disappear into the ether.

Haunted Bangour Village Hospital 3

4. Buildings Were Active When Open Hospital.

The most haunted part of the village is said to be Ward 9, with an awful reputation for weird and wonderful occurrences. Working alone upstairs in the place was said to induce goosebumps in some staff members.

Haunted Bangour Hospital 4


5. Plethora of Paranormal Incidents.

Strange voices would be heard, furniture would also be heard moving across the floors, and doors would close against you. The patient lift was said to be subject to paranormal occurrences, and was not favoured by staff.

Haunted Bangour Hospital 5

6. Mysterious Location & Spooky.

Who are the mysterious figures that walk the grounds – and inside the buildings – at Bangour Village Hospital?

Haunted Bangour Hospital 6

7. What’s That In The Window?

Good to see the on-site building at the main entry have a good sense of humour!

Haunted Bangour Hospital

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