How Does Echovox Work?

In yesterdays short article named Does Echovox Work, we spoke about how this application was different from the ghostly fun on android or Iphone applications, that may be purchased through places such as Google Play.

I reassured everyone that we have a good working device that may be used by any researcher or member of the public, with an interest in this type of study.

I also informed that I’m relatively new to this type of Ghost Voices Research, and that I’ve embarked on a study that will last well in excess of a year. Only with such extensive testing; building evidence that may point towards certain hypothesises and gathering external opinions from other researchers, who are using protocols for this area of study, will I move closer to forming a firm theory and fully operational model of what is transpiring.

Just to be clear before I continue, a hypothesis is what we use to propose an explanation for a phenomena that cannot be explained in a satisfactory manner by current knowledge or facts. When I put forward my hypothesis in this research, I propose a possibility or probability that still needs to be tested, in any way we can.

This is no different from how science behaves when forming their models of reality, but let’s be completely clear here, science does not deal with absolute proof, they deal in probabilities and flexible models. The model is not reality, it’s a proposed model of reality with certain levels of evidence to strengthen such claims.

In this Echovox research, I’m using a working hypothesis, provisionally accepted for further research. This means I’m working to my proposition, testing it regularly and collecting data that can either show that I am correct in my assumptions, or wrong and need to move course in a flexible manner while also reporting my findings.

My job is not to convince nor debunk people, and certainly, in no way listen to people who are dismissive without fully working to such protocols, methodologies or taking any action in a proactive way.

We can all claim something right or wrong from our armchair, that certainly does not take much effort or intelligence, but the real leading edge researchers get out there and get busy; then assist their colleagues in a positive forward moving way.

So how does it work, how can non-physical energies manipulate a device to select coherent purposeful phrases and communication.

For this we need to look at the information available from people who have experienced the after-life.

Time Does Not Exist

In numerous near-death experiences, as told by those who have been through the process, we have been told that time does not exist; in the way we understand it while in the physical and thus, we can view past, present and future simultaneously while looking from the spiritual realms.

On the excellent website Near-Death.com, which looks deeply into NDE’s with many stories from the above-mentioned people, we have a few examples of such….

Space and time are illusions that hold us to the physical realm; in the spirit realm, all is present simultaneously. (Beverly Brodsky)


We also have the following example:

Earthly time has no meaning in the spirit realm. There is no concept of before or after. Everything – past, present, future – exists simultaneously. (Kimberly Clark Sharp)


I highly recommend you read the plethora of likewise testimonies from the sourced materials website, by clicking here, this will allow you to understand this concept and how this fits into my hypothesis in regards to Echovox.

So where does this fit in exactly, what does this have to do with how Echovox (or spirit-box for that matter) work. You see, any device that is preloaded with snippets of sound, running on a completely randomized setting, that will play to us in our future [still to come random files] will be no future to non-physical experiencing everything in the NOW.

There is no time you see, they access future probabilities as easily as historical fact, and thus can create order from our random playing devices, whether Echovox or P-SB7 (Spirit-Box Radio) they know what’s coming and they know how to alter such.

Think along the lines of grabbing letters in the alphabet and forming words, but with sound, with the ability of fully knowing what’s coming next. We may write a message on a board for our family to read later, are spirits forming communication in those split seconds before we hear them?

For, if there is no time in spirit, and countless anecdotal information from a plethora of people suggests such, this is a very simple thing for non-physical energy. Its while in the physical that we can not understand it fully.

We will never solve these mysteries from such a small way of thinking, from a physical standpoint when trying to understand the spirit world. The rules are different and so are the laws that govern things. Can we truly use PHYSICS in non physical study like this?

If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration. Nikola Tesla

He gave us a massive clue; the great mind who people know little about, yet, his inventions and level of thinking were far to early for that time. In a different world we would all be sitting with free electricity just now, and the world hunger problems would be non-existing. Money dictates that we stay as we are just now but lets look at this closer….

Everything is energy, that goes without saying and a closer look down a microscope would show you that everything vibrates, even that desk you think is solid. A slow level of vibration that gives the illusionary sense of solidity.

The spiritual realm is non-physical, it’s a higher plane of vibration that is not accessible from this dense material place we find ourselves, we call it reality, unaware of the bigger reality that cannot be sensed by our physical senses.

Everything works through vibrations, frequencies and driven by energy forms.

So it’s not hard to understand that devices that operate using sound frequencies or waves, can be manipulated from a level of reality that operates through similar unseen modes, albeit at higher ranges, outside human capabilities.

For humans, for example, hearing is normally limited to frequencies between about 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz) and we are aware that the spiritual realm, or whatever you wish to name it, is operating at a level outside this.

They must therefore attempt to communicate through any device or person that acts as a medium, a half-way point or middle area. They must lower in vibration or frequency and we must try to rise in such. Audio devices can range in frequency and this can be a good tool to attempt such communication.

Are non-physical beings using acoustic resonance, manipulating sound waves to exactly what they wish to communicate, altering seemingly random bits of sounds to form coherent phrases.

May they have the ability to do such, through their ability to operate in an area that does not recognise time, with the unique ability to know when we are going to conduct sessions, never mind arrange the audio for us through manipulation on an energetic and vibrational level.

I suggest that in order to get the best from the Echovox application, you must start with a clear mind. Thoughts are frequencies, we can measure thoughts and thus, these flood the environment and I suggest that negative thought patterns and inside talk of “This will not work” and the like, will hinder the process.

Stay clear minded, suspend judgement and allow yourself to be in a positive upbeat vibration! 

Use the device as a secondary to your communication, the device is only a means to communicate and your questions should be aimed mentally and spoken, to non-physical, regardless of your belief system. Do not grab the device half-assed and in a cynical fashion in order to prove it wrong, if you have no interest in the research…Don’t do it, and if your aim is to dismiss people…you need to find another field to work in, something to boost your ego perhaps?

You must use the device for a length of time, 12 weeks are a good minimum before you start proclaiming it does not work. Allow the energies to build, your attitude to be flexible and enjoy the work regardless to what way it goes.

You see, all said and done, reality is much stranger than you can ever imagine. Those who tell you that they know how it all operates, most likely know nothing, and you should open the mind and experiment for yourself.

We have looked at hypothetical possibilities here, for energetic non-physical contact via a physical device using non-physical means on both sides. A device acting as a contact medium between this world and the spiritual realm.

When you grasp the information, it becomes less of a mystery as to why echovox gains results. That is, of course, unless you are still stuck in a material mindset…..

What results are you gaining from Echovox or Spirit-Box sessions?

Please do let me know,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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19 thoughts on “How Does Echovox Work?”

  1. Excellent write-up Ryan, as always, and a subject area in which I’m starting to develop a personal research into in the coming months myself after the team invested in a ‘ghost box’. Although I always remain open-minded, I will also try to reserve my contradicting and restrained skepticism as much as I can given my own lack of research or experience using this medium, but I do look forward to experimenting with it. My issue is purely logic, and not determined on any fact as yet in how it demonstrates or operates on any other or scientific level. Although I additionally accept in science some things are never quite certain. I’ll look forward to your theories and conclusions in the future with intrigue, if there is such a thing as conclusion within paranormal research, and hope we can share our further interests on a personal level as always in the future. My apologies in my absence. Keep up the great work my friend and take care of you and yours, ’til next time.

  2. Hey Mark, excellent to hear from you and even more great news that you and the organisation have took the plunge to test the Ghost-Box. You have the correct attitude and I’m sure you will have great fun and interest during the testing phase. Having that flexible mindset, ready to move in whatever direction the research takes you; without the interference from outside sources, who do not understand the protocols, is crucially important.

    In all the years of networking, communication and operating within the paranormal community; I have come to understand that there are some excellent people willing to jump out the box and give it a try, equally though, we have a collection who would rather ridicule, dismiss and act as some type of enlightened person who think they have it all sewed up due to education or firm held belief systems.

    Staying true to oneself is the key, staying inquisitive and willing to shift paradigms, if need be, can be the clincher in understanding. The mysteries are so deep, will we ever truly know in a lifetime!! that certainly is debatable 😀

    All the best to you all! Keep on Keeping on!!

  3. Are there words programmed into the echovox I left it running wih no questions and got a constant flow of words, dead came through a lot as did prison and demon.
    Are these Words programmed into the software, then end up being a coincidence when they pop up after a question is asked ?

  4. Morning Gareth,

    Yes, you are entirely correct with regards to some words that have slipped through the creators filters. He is very aware that they are present and my advice would be to take notes – as you have done – so you can see clearly when one of these are coincidentally presenting to you. I know Prison is an absolute, I have not had it yet but know others who have.

    Personally, I prefer the ones that are not there, without a shadow of a doubt that we have something to dive more into. I can cite the example of the capture “Glasgow” in a “Glaswegian” accent, this was the turning point to dig deeper for me, I contacted Danny [the creator] to ensure that this was not a slip through the filter audio. Not only was nothing like this used, we are dealing with an App state-side created that has no relation to audio sliced from here.

    Remember Gareth, you are the expert here, you must test fully, openly and then start to formulate your ideas without outside influence. Some will take everything as a capture without critically thinking [I see you are different] and some will follow other sceptics ideas without fully testing for themselves with an open mind. Keep testing, keep trying new things and report back your thoughts to others who are doing likewise.

    You do not have to ask questions for answers to come through, I will do an article about this or possibly a video in the future. Pay attention to your thinking while conducting sessions and keep them short. I would suggest running the audio into a program for analysis too!

    Off on a location soon, if you have further questions or wish to go more in-depth, leave a message here or email me at Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

    Thanks Buddy!

  5. Thanks for reply I will keep trying , I have been experimenting with better speaker set ups to allow the gain to be set to full, hopefully this will allow the echo to be recorded louder.

  6. Good Stuff Gareth!! Likewise, I purchased a speaker system for the same! Testing it out as we speak!!

    Keep me updated?

    Ryan 🙂

  7. SIr,
    I installed ECHOVOX in my device today and tried to communicate with my uncle who died last month. Sometimes i get his voice in the middle. Mostly i hear some female voices. Can i speak in my regional language? i use Tamil, our native language. Is this app genuine or just a prank app?? Please let me know sir.

    Thanks ,

  8. Thank you for the message, please accept my apology for the delay, as I’m just back from an overseas vacation and Investigation opportunity. Only now catching up on all my messages properly!

    Only you can answer the questions of how real this App is Mohnish! I can suggest that it is not a scam, fake or prank but as for personal subjective evidence, this is where you must do the work and report to us all. I have gained such for myself, but in the larger picture, I can not claim anything, only suggest others do the same.

    Yes, Please use your local language too, I find this is where the evidence builds nice!

    No matter if male or female, take notes and see how relevant the information is! It may be your Uncles words and wisdom, but in a female voice you see.

    Keep me updated Friend,


  9. Thanks for the reply sir. Will start taking notes from now on. One doubt, as i said that i mostly get female voices , but i get only half of the word. But sometimes a glitch kinda sound comes in between. How to deal with this issue sir?
    I watch Steve Huff sir’s clip regularly. But i dont get clear EVP’s as Mr Steve gets during the session,
    Once i asked my name and it was like Moh nish. Got a gap of 2 secs but later concatenated using Adobe audition.
    Kindly help me solve this issue.

    Any settings to be changed in echovox? I keep the left side menu options i.e, the speed controls to extreme right side and mic gain in the extreme left.
    Do i need to change them?



  10. Hi Mohnish,

    Sorry about the delay, very busy around here just now! Give it time and patience and you will build up to a level where your captures will be as good a quality as Steve’s. There may be a gap between words, the trick is to analyse it, and find the phrase, which may be spaced out. This is why It is best to leave a 30 sec gap when asking questions.

    I have a settings video you may be interested in – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q8pNjKR9FI

    You will find the best settings to suit you, I’m sure!! Use your internal intuition 😉

    Blessings to you Mohnish! 🙂

  11. I love your explanations on how this app works!!! I have been looking into such an explanation for the accuracy of Echovox since I started experimenting with it. I was blown away by the app. I noticed some people get prison. I have yet to get that one, but I do get “hate” a lot. I don’t know if this is a glitch or just a particular entity that is hanging about lol

    Anyhow, thanks for this very good explanation!

  12. Hey Heidilore! Thank you very much for your kind words. Not come across the hate one much, so that may be related to a communication for you. Nothing to worry over at all, just information and data. 🙂 Keep me updated on your progress with this please, It is a pleasure to meet you too! 🙂

    Ryan 😀

  13. Veronica Antonelli

    I am somewhat new to the Echovox and have only been using it about a week. I find it exciting and sometimes the responses blow me away, if they are relevant. My question is , is everything you hear from a spirit? What other types of noises or things could it possibly be picking up on? There is a specific sound or voice I get this has backround noise and is kind of whispering but actually stays on for at least 3-6 seconds each time and whispers full sentences but I do not yet have a recording device to listen back at a later time so I have to try to figure it out as it happens. But I also noticed things I hear on YouTube videos say from Huff Paranormal or Scary Larry paranormal, do they know something I dont because I get excited and impressed with some of the responses I hear, yet they dont seem to even acknowledge them. Is it because they know what is a spirit response and what isn’t? And if so, how? Probably practice and time but goes back to my original question of knowing what to blow off so to speak.
    I have in fact heard “prison” a couple times but I was under the assumption there were no actual full words programmed in, only bits and sounds. But after reading your reply to Gareth I am a little confused. When you say some slipped through, do you mean the creator did actually program words in in error? i appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you in advance and great site and information!!

  14. Good Morning Veronica, Please excuse the delay in getting back to you as I’ve been extremely busy lately.

    No, I do not believe everything we hear is from spirit on the Echovox, there are sliced up audio files which provide phonetics, sliced up parts that form human speech. You are hearing these randomly rotate through the application – as they are supposed to do – and you are looking for manipulation of these sounds to form full coherent words/phrases that are relevant to you, or the location you are operating in.

    I have to say, these are extremely hard to hear live and the proper way to do it, is to fully analyse the audio post-session. You either miss them, or you misinterpret them. I have done both on a regular basis.

    What to remove from files after analysis – from a personal point of view – is anything borderline or non relevant as mentioned above. If working with this for personal purposes, test it out fully by creating questions that only you know the answer too, this will rule out a doubting mindset about embedded words.

    I can not say that embedded words have not slipped through – such as prison – but I can vouch for 100’s of hours of use – and experience using it – and not coming across certain phrases over and over as you would assume. If I found it to be a useless tool due to such, I would be the first to speak up, as I take this area of research very serious and with full integrity.

    I hope this helps you Veronica, and I wish you every luck in Echovox usage and life!

    Many blessings and kindest regards,


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